Adding users to Workplace

This article is helpful only for the workplace admins.   Go to your workplace by entering “” and log in with the mail ID in which you created the workplace. On the left sidebar click on workplace details. You would see workplace details if you have the right permissions.  Below “Workplace Details” […]

Creating a Workplace

Sign in to your Clappia account. On the top right corner, click on your Username. In the drop-down select “Create Workplace”. You will land on the “Create new Workplace” page.  Enter details for your Workplace. Select a unique subdomain for your workplace. If the subdomain is already taken, you’ll get […]

Joining a Workplace

All users who have been invited by a workplace admin would get an email with the subject “Welcome to Clappia”.  If you do not see an email with the subject “Welcome to Clappia” in your inbox, kindly check your spam/junk box for the mail and also mark it as not spam, so […]

Disabling submissions on apps

You can disable submissions on a Clappia app. This is useful for apps where you want some on-the-fly calculations but you don’t need to view the submissions made by the users. For example, a pricing calculator for a product or a loan EMI calculator. To disable submissions on a Clappia […]

Managing nested sections

You can organise your app into nested sections so that if you have a long app with have multiple levels of hierarchy, the app users will see only the top-level sections when they open the app. They can then expand sections one by one to go deeper into the hierarchy. […]

Clappia app publish

The publish option in Clappia allows remote installation and uninstallation of an app. When you publish an app, the app becomes visible to all the target users. When you unpublish it, the app becomes invisible to your target users. This simple concept takes care of the installation and uninstallation part […]

Copy sections during submission

Use this feature to allow users to create multiple copies of a section while making submissions into Clappia Apps.  Example use case – You have an Invoice Generator app on Clappia and there is a Line Item Details Section in it, which has fields like price, quantity and total price. […]

Conditional display of sections

If you want to display a section of your Clappia app based on certain conditions, you can do that using this feature. Here we are taking an example of an employee management app for full-time employees and contractors. If the type of employee is full-time, you want to show a […]

Making an app public

You can make Clappia apps public and allow guest users to make submissions into them, without having them sign up on Clappia. This is useful when you have to send out a one-time survey or if you want to create a Customer Enquiry app for your website. To make an […]

Auto-generating unique sequential IDs

If you have to use an auto-generated sequential Id for any of your app fields like Employee ID, Vendor ID, Customer ID, Invoice ID etc, you can use the Clappia block named Unique ID.  An example use case – You are creating a Clappia App to maintain the data of […]

Clappia app assignment and permission model

Once you design a Clappia app using drag-n-drop software blocks, edit the workflows and publish the app, the next step requires you to assign the apps to your target users. There is no concept of individual app installation in Clappia. All you have to do is add the email ids […]

Dynamic printing

We know that Clappia helps you create custom apps for any business processes. Most of these processes involve printing or creating a PDF document at some point. Here are the steps to print a document in your format from the entries created in your apps: Create your app in Clappia. […]

Clappia inter-app connections

Clappia supports inter-app data communication. This means you can submit data to app A and pull a list of those submissions into another app B. This feature becomes very useful when you want a common and dynamic data source that can be referred in several other apps. For example, there […]

Using Formula Block

Clappia supports all kinds of arithmetic operations and even logical operations like IF/ELSE. To use this block, you don’t need to learn any new language or syntax. Basic know-how of an Excel sheet is sufficient to add arithmetic operations and IF/ELSE logic in a Clappia app. Here are the steps: […]

Importing apps from Marketplace

You don’t have to always create Clappia apps from scratch. Clappia App Marketplace has some standard built-in app templates. You can Import any of these templates to get an initial structure for your app and then customise these imported apps as per your needs. Follow these steps to import apps […]