Pushing data from Clappia to your own APIs

You can use Clappia’s Workflow Builder to push data from Clappia to your REST-based APIs which accept JSON payloads. Data can be pushed on the following events: New Submission creation Submission update Submission status change To create a Workflow to push data to your API, follow these steps. Visit your […]

Push data to Clappia through APIs

If you have created some apps on Clappia, you can have an integration between these apps and your own systems through Clappia’s public APIs. These public APIs accept data over a simple REST-based endpoint in JSON format. Using these APIs you can send any updates that happen in your system […]

Clappia public APIs

If you have created an app on Clappia, you can send data to this app via Clappia’s public APIs. We provide a RESTful API which can be called using an HTTP POST request with a JSON payload. Server URL: https://apiv2.clappia.com/public/applicationData/saveMethod: POSTContent Type – application/jsonRequest Header: {  x-api-key: “clappia-public-api-key”} # This […]

Unable to use GPS location on Android app

If you are using the Location block in your Clappia app and if you get the following error, please follow this troubleshooting guide. “Could not load the current location. Please make sure that the Location Service on your phone is ON.” Troubleshooting Steps Verify that Location service on your phone […]

Turn WhatsApp conversations into meaningful data

Interact with your prospects and customers on WhatsApp and manage their data on Clappia. With over 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp is arguably the world’s fastest growing communication channel. Businesses communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. Customers want prompt updates on their conversations. On-field employees communicate with their admins to report […]