Clappia Features

January 10, 2030


  • Creator - The user who creates an app in Clappia
  • Consumer - The user who uses the app created by the Creator
  • Reviewer - The users who can review the submissions added by Consumer

FeatureDetailBenefit1Drag and drop software blocksYou can design an app on without coding. All you have to do is to drag the required blocks and configure them.Quick design and delivery without special skills2Excel-based calculation and logic for complex configurationYou can add complex logic and calculations in a language that most of the business users understand. For example, you can write something like IF(quantity<30, 1000, price*quantity) where “price” and “quantity” are variables that your end users have entered. Most users are familiar with Excel syntax. This makes sure anyone can do complex configuration that would have been possible only through coding. 3ValidationCreators can configure validations like compulsory fields, only numbers, only emails, only URLs etc. based on their requirements. This reduces the scope of error in submission by your end users. 4File attachment by creatorsCreators can attach files in the app that consumers can download anytime. Instructions, annexures, guidelines, assignments etc. can be sent to the consumers.5File attachment by consumersCreators can add fields where the consumers need to attach files and upload.Useful when creators expect files from consumers. 6GPSYou can add GPS fields so that your consumers can submit their GPS location. Very useful when you want the location of your on-field employees, vehicle location etc.7Conditional sectionsYou can create conditional sections that appear only when certain criteria is met. For example, if someone selects the gender as “Male” one form opens while a different form opens if “Female” is selected. The system can take decisions based on the logic provided. Reduces clutter and decision making steps for consumers. 8Multiple copies of sectionsYou can allow consumers to add multiple copies of the same information based on his situation. For example, the consumer can add the same information about his family members by adding more sections, a consumer can order different products from a list etc.This becomes very useful when there are flexible fields to be filled by end consumers. 9Inter-app connectionYou can create a suite of apps in the system which can pull data from each other. For example, you can create an app for the inventory and another app to pull data from this inventory app. Every time there is a new submission in the inventory app, the second app can pull the latest set of submissions. This simple feature helps create complex inter-connected apps for ERPs and multiple-input workflows.10Workflows - ScheduleYou can set a schedule on which you expect your consumers to submit data.Useful when you have routines task apps like a timesheet app, daily or monthly reporting apps etc. 11Workflows - Review StatusReviewers can review the submissions based on the use case. For example, you want an expense to be reimbursed only when the manager has approved it, you can mark a product OOS in your inventory etc.A very useful workflow for gatekeeping of your processes. 12Workflow - PoliciesYou can set up email sending policies based on the requirement. For example, if an expense is approved the finance team should get an email with the details or if a product is market OOS then the sourcing team should get an email. Such policies are required to ensure efficiency in an organization. 13Advanced WorkflowsThe workflow engine of Clappia is powered by AWS Lambda. We have exposed a few out-of-the-box workflows to the creators. However, even very complex and unique workflows can be configured from the backend by our team. Check your requirement with us and we will let you know if a workflow is possible or not. Complex and unique workflows can be configured.14Dynamic PrintingYou can create an app and attach a document in the configuration which will take values from the submission and merge with the attached document to generate documents with dynamic values on the fly. Useful when you have a fixed document format with variable values for generating bills, reports, certificates, salary slips, offer letters etc.15Permission modelThe default permission that is given to any new Consumer is "Submit Data". This can be changed by clicking on the edit icon in the permission column.
Here are the permissions you can set for each user:Submit Data - This is the default permission. The user can find his app and submit the data. The user can see only his submissions.View Data - The user can submit data and view the data submitted by all the users. However, she cannot edit any of them. Edit Data - This user can submit data, view all the submissions by all the users and can even edit those submissions. Don't worry, there is an edit trail of all the edits.

Review Data - This user can submit data, view all data, edit them and assign review status to the submissions.

Edit Application - This user has all the permissions. She can submit data, view the submissions by all the users, edit and review the submissions, edit the app, and even delete it.The permission model ensures a secured flow of information in your organization. 16App publish systemCreators can unpublish or publish certain apps based on the requirement. They don’t need to delete an app or remove the users. This unpublish system can be scheduled as well.This ensures that the app is available to Consumers at the right time. 17Non-submission appsYou can create apps that do not require any submission. For example, calculator apps, apps with read-only files etc. Useful if you want a read-only view or host an information source for your Consumers. 18Public appsYou can make an app public so that anyone can access information or submit data without signing up. Useful for public forms and hosting public information source. 19Digital WorkplaceYou can create a closed workplace with the following features:
Add remove a user so that he/she can’t access any apps after leaving the organizationSetup email notification rulesMake a public workplace so that your Consumers can access several apps without anyone adding themSetup Admin privileges to different usersProvide your own logos and subdomain name
Useful for enterprise-grade security and information flow. 20Mobile-readyApart from getting a web app, all apps that are created in Clappia get a mobile app automatically. These apps can be accessed by downloading Clappia apps and logging in.

Ensures your organization is utilizing the mobile wave effectively. 21IntegrationsClappia provides integrations with Google Sheet, Tally, MySQL databases and Mailchimp.
Note: Except Google Sheet, other integrations are not a self-service feature yet.You can create a data pumping system where Consumers enter data on the go and the data lands in the right place based on your requirement.
Integration with Google Sheet means you can create live dashboards and pivot tables.22DashboardsClappia team can configure complex and live dashboards with the required metrics.
Note: This is not a self-service feature yet.Useful for decision-makers who want an overview of their organization. 23Bulk uploadYou can bulk upload data in an app rather than doing individual submissions.Helps in onboarding from a legacy system or from excel sheets to Clappia within minutes.24Bulk downloadYou can download data with the applied filters in CSV format. Your data is available at your tip. Makes sure you are not stuck with Clappia and can move on within minutes in case you do not like us. 25API readinessAll Clappia apps get an ID and are ready for external API integration. External API readiness creates enormous possibilities. Examples:
Your legacy systems can work with Clappia and pump the data in real time which can then be used by your users on the mobile.You can integrate your hardware equipment with a Clappia app that will receive data in real time.

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