Use Case

Restaurant Feedback App with welcome Email and SMS

Do you own a restaurant and handover paper feedback forms to your customers? Or worse you don't collect their feedback at all? This app is for you.

A feedback form can give restaurant owners real-time information about how the restaurant is doing and what to improve. Most importantly, a feedback app on a tablet/phone gives a premium touch.

Features of this app

  • Emoji based feedback so that customers answer most questions (it works)
  • Send custom welcome email and SMS to your customers after they fill this form
  • Works without the internet and syncs to the cloud whenever the device is back to an internet zone
  • You can download the data in Excel format or connect to a Google sheet
  • 1000 free SMS included (standard SMS charges after 1000 SMS)
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Customizable questions
  • Low cost




A standard set of questions that are good for most restaurants


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Custom Questions

The questions can be customized


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What happens after I buy a plan?

Based on what plans you buy, a set of questions will be sent to you where you can provide your name, logo, custom text, etc. An email will be sent with the details of the app in 2 business days.

Can I download the submissions?

Yes, you can download the submissions in an Excel format. You get numerical values for the entries (1-5) so that you can do mathematical calculations on top of it. You can also connect a Google sheet to push data.

How will I get a mobile app?

You need to install Clappia App Launcher and login with your email id. You will find your apps inside.

What is Clappia?

Clappia is a platform where apps like these can be created. This is just one of the use cases.

Can I add my logo and address in the feedback app?

Yes, but this is only available in the Android app.

Will it work on a tab and desktop as well?

Yes, Clappia apps work on tabs, mobiles, and desktops.

Can I have a dashboard with charts?

Yes, at an additional cost of $99/year, we can add 4 charts of your choice.

Can I take photographs of customers or their visiting cards in the custom feedback app?


I can create a Clappia app myself. What special benefits do I get in this?

You save time and effort. Also, custom welcome emails and SMS are charged extra in standard Clappia. Overall the cost will be higher if you buy a standard Clappia license.

What are the other questions in the app?

Please find them in this link (click). The mobile view looks a little different. While the admins can see the numerical value of the ratings.

I still have some more questions. How to get the answers?

Ping us on our chat or send us an email at contact[at]

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