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May 16, 2022
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Employee Management

In any business, company or an organization, It is precise to consider employee management as the backbone of the workforce management. Employee management deals with the processes of Recruiting, Employee on-boarding, Background check, Employee Attendance, Employee Asset location tracking, Leave requisition, Expense reporting, Performance review, Payslip generator and everything in between.

Why Synchronize Employee Management with No Code Platform?

The honest answer to the above question is to have a cost-effective and an efficient solution for all the processes of employee management. Different HR based solutions are used for different use cases of various employee management processes. This approach will consume a lot of time, is not a cost-effective solution and mainly delays/errors are bound to happen which will hamper the manager-employee relations.

Businesses witness huge shifts in the productivity of employees when the processes of employee management are automated in No Code platform and automation also helps the managers have a hassle-free efficient process of managing the employees making it a win-win scenario for the manager and the employees.

Clappia: No Code Platform

Anyone from your organization with basic excel skills can be able build powerful business process applications in Clappia, without having to code even a single line. In Clappia, building apps for employee management processes is easy and you can deploy them for your employees quickly, right after the application is built.

Clappia is your No Code platform to automate all the processes of employee management of your business.

Employee Management Solutions in Clappia

Apps for almost all processes of employee management can be easily built in Clappia and quickly deployed for the employees.

  1. Employee On-boarding
  2. Background Check
  3. Employee Attendance
  4. Employee Asset Tracking
  5. Leave Requisition
  6. Employee Expense Reporting
  7. Payslip Generator

We have already built a few apps for employee management of your business in Clappia. Use them for free,here

Automation for Employee Management in Clappia

Clappia has a stack of productive features which are useful to automate the employee management process of your business. Below are those features detailed with practical use case scenarios of employee management processes which will clear the air around automation of your business in Clappia.

(Saved the best for the last. Don’t miss the last one)

  1. Basic Data Input Blocks

These are basic features available for data input such as: Name(Single line text), Address(Multi-line text), Phone Number, Email, Date, Time, Rating, Slider, Multiple Selector etc.

  1. GPS Location with Geofencing

GPS location shows the employee to visit a certain site or a location for work. Geofencing ensures the employee is at the site or location. Specify a certain radius around the location, say 200 meters. Now the employee will only be able to submit the data, if and only if, the employee is within the specified range of the site or location.

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Employee Asset Tracking

  1. Formula Block for Calculations

It is a useful feature during month end to calculate salary payout to employees considering attendance, leaves or any such parameter.

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Payslip Generator
  • Employee Expense Reporting

  1. QR Code/Barcode Scanner

Unique ID of employee can be easily logged by scanning QR Code/Barcode.

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Employee Attendance

  1. Signature

Putting down signatures in the app for approvals fastens the processes for the manager and employee.

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Leave Requisition
  • Data Approval Forms

  1. Validation

A valuable feature that helps to prevent duplication of data and also provide custom validations respective to certain employees or use cases.

Examples of practical use case in App: 

  • Data Approval Forms
  • Leave Requisition

  1. Sequential Unique Numbering

Essential feature that eases allocating serial numbers to tasks, employees or documents pertaining to the processes.

Examples of practical use cases in App:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Attendance
  • Payslip Generator

  1. Dynamic Printing

Documents such as agreements, reports, offer letters etc, can be printed out from a template document which considers dynamic values captured in the app.

Examples of practical use cases in App:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Expense Reporting
  • Payslip Generator

  1. Real-time Analytics and Automated Reports

Analytics of data can be viewed anytime in the Clappia app which include Maps, Doughnut chart, Bar graph, Pie chart, Line diagram and can be downloaded or printed reports.

  1.  Integrations - SMS, Whatsapp and others*

Clappia also has support for SMS and WhatsApp notifications whenever manager generates payslip or approvals for documents to notify employees 

  1. Submit when Offline

The best feature of Clappia is that the data can be submitted even without internet connection. It gets synced automatically after it is connected to the internet.


No Code is the future of application development and the sensible option right now is to shift the workforce management operational processes to No Code platform as early as possible because it won’t be an option in the near future. 

Since No Code is the future of application development, your business also needs to be ‘Future-proofed’.

Clappia is the No Code platform which is best suited to manage operations of employee management processes. Build powerful business process apps by simply using drag-and-drop blocks without having to code even a single line.

Instead of using multiple solutions for multiple employee management processes, use Clappia as a single solution for all the processes of employee management operations.

Create your dashboard and start building apps for your business in Clappia for absolutely free


1. What is an Employee Management Platform?

A workforce management platform is a software solution that helps        organizations manage their workforce more efficiently. It includes tools for scheduling, time and attendance tracking, payroll management, and performance monitoring.

2. What are the benefits of an Employee Management System?

An employee management system provides numerous benefits to both employers and employees, including:

  • Increased productivity: By streamlining processes and reducing manual tasks, employees can focus on their core responsibilities and be more productive.
  • Improved communication: With a centralized platform, employees can communicate and collaborate more effectively, leading to better outcomes and higher job satisfaction.
  • Enhanced compliance: Employee management systems help ensure compliance with labor laws, regulations, and company policies, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.
  • Better data analysis: By collecting and analyzing data on employee performance, managers can make more informed decisions and drive business growth.

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