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September 19, 2022
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GPS location-based geofenced attendance tracking is a great way to ensure staff attends their duty locations, whether it's at home or the office. The undeniable advantage of GPS location-based geofenced attendance tracking is that it can automate the whole process of attendance tracking easier and more productive than ever. Therefore, you don't have to spend time on gathering data manually or worrying about privacy issues.

How can we automate attendance tracking for our business? The answer is simple and so is the implementation - No Code Automation. We can easily set up a geofenced attendance tracking solution on the go with Clappia’s GPS location-based Geo-fence Attendance Tracker mobile app. No coding is required.

Clappia - No Code Platform

Clappia is a No Code platform to create business-process apps without coding. Anyone with basic excel skills can automate GPS location-based Geofenced attendance tracking process by building mobile apps without writing even a single line of code.

Clappia Mobile apps are powerful and can handle data flowing through the GPS location-based geofenced attendance app efficiently.

GPS location-based Geofenced Attendance Tracking in Clappia

Let us consider a geofenced Attendance mobile app already built and available to use on the Clappia App Marketplace.

The geofenced Attendance mobile app consists of two sections namely Basic and Employee Details.

Below is an image of a basic layout of the geofenced Attendance mobile app:

Section 1 - Basic: 

Site Name - This block is used to select the name of the location from the dropdown list. Select the name of the location you have to be physically present at from the dropdown list.

Area Coordinates - This block is used to select the coordinates from the dropdown list. Select the coordinates of that location available from the dropdown list.

(Hack: Instead of entering the list of all the area coordinates in the dropdown list, you can use the Get Data from other apps block. You can create another app and enter the list of all the area coordinates. This way you will have an app dedicated solely to area coordinates. Then, you can fetch the area coordinates from there into this app. Learn more about fetching data from one Clappia app to another here.)

Current User Location - This block is used to automatically enter the coordinates of your current location. Click on the location icon to automatically enter the coordinates of the location you are physically present in.

Distance between two points in meters - This block is used to automatically calculate and display the distance between your current location and the area coordinates you are supposed to be in. If the difference is within the specified radial distance then you can submit.

Section 2 -  Employee Details:

Employee Name - The employee will enter their name.

Employee Code - The employee will enter their employee code

Take Selfie - Te employee will click a selfie of themselves at the location and upload the same.

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is nothing but creating a virtual geographic boundary. In the image below, the blue circle is the virtual geographic boundary.

If we consider the below example, you will be able to submit the information if and only if you are within the specified radial distance of the location. If you are not within the specified radial distance of the designated location then you won't be able to submit and you will see a message below the map saying You need to be within xxxx meters from the designated location. This is called Geo-fencing.

Clappia Mobile Apps work in Offline mode

If your field executives or any employee has been tasked to go to a certain location and carry out a task where there is poor or no internet connectivity, they can still record the data in Clappia mobile apps and submit them. Once they are connected to a proper internet connection the data gets synced automatically.

Use this app and automate the Attendance tracking of your business through GPS location-based Geo-fencing feature - Clappia App Marketplace

Customize all the mobile apps in the Clappia App Marketplace suitable to your business needs and try them out for free.


1. What is GPS based attendance system?

A GPS-based attendance system is an innovative solution that leverages Global Positioning System technology to accurately track and record employee attendance. By using real-time location data, this system allows employers to monitor staff attendance based on their physical presence at designated work sites or offices. The GPS attendance system offers numerous advantages, including increased accuracy, reduced time theft, and enhanced productivity. By automating the attendance process, organizations can streamline workforce management and focus on core business operations.

2. Is there an app for taking attendance?

Yes, there are several apps available for taking attendance, designed to simplify and streamline the process for teachers, event organizers, and employers. These attendance apps often come equipped with user-friendly interfaces, customizable settings, and robust data management capabilities. They enable users to efficiently track participant or employee attendance, record absentees, and generate insightful reports. Some popular attendance apps include Attendance2, MyAttendanceTracker, and Smart Attendance. These digital tools can be accessed through various platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, making attendance tracking more convenient and accessible than ever before.

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