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How to Capture the GPS Coordinates with Mobile Forms?

April 18, 2022
5 minutes read
If you want to know the user’s GPS coordinates using simple forms, you can do so by capturing the real-time Geolocation through Clappia’s form-based apps.

Clappia is a No Code platform where you can create simple form based mobile apps to powerful business process apps without coding a single line.

Sign up and use Clappia for absolutely free to build your mobile forms similar to Google Forms with GPS Location.

Follow the steps below to create a form that can capture GPS coordinates:

Step 1

Create a new form by clicking on the New App button. You will be directed to the app designing field.

Step 2

Notice the 5 stages on the top. You are currently on the Design stage.

On the right side, the right panel of the section appears. Rename the Untitled Section to Order Form, Survey Form or any other based on your preferences and click on Save.

Step 3

Click on the pencil icon beside the Untitled App on the right panel and edit the app name to Mobile Form with GPS Location or your desired name for the form.

You can also choose the App icon and the Icon color.

Step 4

In the section, click on the Add field button. Select the drag-and-drop blocks from the App Designer Blocks. A right panel appears for each block as you select where you need to configure them.

After configuring each block, click on save and your form is ready.


Select Single Line Text & Label it as Full Name

Select Multi-line Text & Label it as Address

Select Phone Number & Label it as Mobile Number

Select Date Selector & Label it as Date

Step 5

Select GPS Location. Label it as you need, preferably Location.

You now have a Mobile Form that can capture the GPS location of a user through GPS coordinates (Latitude, Longitude).

GPS Location features in Clappia

In the right panel of the GPS Location block, click on Show advanced options to enable features of Geolocation.

Default to current location - Location is updated automatically and the user cannot edit their location.

Allow user to manually change location - User is able to edit the location and enter any location manually.

Enable Geofencing - Enable this feature to allow the user to submit the form, if and only if, the user is present in the designated location. You can set any number of locations as the designated location.

Now that you have created a Mobile Form that can capture GPS location, let's make it operational.

From the 5 stages above, click on Distribute. Now click on the Link Sharing option and you will get a right panel with the link of the form.

Click on the ‘Enable Sharing’ option. Now anyone with this link will be able to access and submit the mobile Form with GPS Location.

Clappia has many other useful features using which you can easily create such simple mobile forms that are similar to Google Forms and use them for absolutely free. Click on the link mentioned below to create more such Mobile Forms.

Clappia Mobile Forms

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