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August 12, 2019
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Interact with your prospects and customers on WhatsApp and manage their data on Clappia.

With over 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp is arguably the world’s fastest growing communication channel. Businesses communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. Customers want prompt updates on their conversations. On-field employees communicate with their admins to report inspection results, send images, videos and locations. 

Businesses that wish to scale cannot afford to spend time in extracting information from these conversations manually. They also need a single place to manage and monitor all their customer queries, new leads, support tickets, reporting data.

Using the WhatsApp <> Clappia integration, WhatsApp conversations can be turned into structured data - Sales Leads, Action Items, CRM requests, Customer support tickets in Clappia, ensuring that customers can be kept engaged and satisfied.

5 ways to use the WhatsApp <> Clappia Integration

1. Data collection from on-field employees

If you have on-field employees collecting data from your customers or doing an inspection or a survey, you can create a data collection app for them on Clappia. They will be asked questions on WhatsApp from this app. They can type their replies on WhatsApp, send images, documents, locations and more. All this data will be automatically available in your Clappia workplace.

2. Automated Conversations with your customers

If you get hundreds of customer queries everyday on WhatsApp, it can be challenging to keep track of all these requests. With the WhatsApp <> Clappia integration, you can setup a custom questionnaire for your customers. These questions will be automatically asked to all customers who ping you on WhatsApp. Their replies will directly land up in the apps that you create on your Clappia workplace. From Clappia, you can then assign requests to your employees, update the statuses of these requests and notify your customers.

3. Intelligent CRM Notifications

If you’ve built a custom CRM app or if you are managing a Sales Pipeline on Clappia, you can use the integration to keep your customers engaged. You can 

  • Get reminders on WhatsApp to follow up with customers.
  • Setup escalation reminders for inactivity following up with a lead.
  • Send your customers welcome messages as soon as they sign up with you.
  • Send your customers periodic policy update messages, links to your terms and conditions documentation etc.

4. HR Documentation and Notifications

If you’ve built HR apps on Clappia, you can 

  • Automatically generate payslips for your employees and send these directly on WhatsApp.
  • Managers can receive leave requests, reimbursement requests on WhatsApp. Employees can receive the request approval status messages on WhatsApp.

5. Order Management Notifications

For Order Management apps on Clappia, you can

  • Send order status updates to the customers.
  • Send invoices to the customers on WhatsApp



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