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Clappia app assignment and permission model

Clappia app assignment and permission model

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Once you design a Clappia app using drag-n-drop software blocks, edit the workflows and publish the app, the next step requires you to assign the apps to your target users. There is no concept of individual app installation in Clappia. All you have to do is add the email ids of all your users and they get the app automagically in their web and mobile workplace. Here are the steps to make sure your users get your app.

Adding users

  • Go to the edit mode of an app and click on the "Distribute" tab.
  • Add the email id of the user you want to add, select the permission, and click on the "Add" button. 
  • In case the user has not signed up on Clappia already, the user will be invited to Sign Up and join the workplace.
  • You should see your user added in the table.
  • To remove the user, click on the delete button.

Permission Model

The default permission that is given to any new user is "Submit Data". This can be changed by clicking on the edit icon in the permission column.
Here are the permissions you can set for each user:

  1. Submitter - This is the default permission. The user can only submit and view own data.
  2. Full Data Access - The user can submit data and view the data submitted by all the users. However, they cannot edit any of them.  
  3. Full Data Admin - This user can submit data, view all the submissions by all the users and can even edit those submissions. Don't worry, there is an edit trail of all the edits.
  4. Reviewer - This user can submit data, view all data, edit data and assign review status to the submissions. 
  5. App Admin - This user has all the permissions. They can submit data, view the submissions by all the users, edit and review the submissions, edit the app, and even delete it.

Custom - Based on the selection of specific permissions

Specific permissions can be granted to specific users according to the requirements. The list includes:

  1. Submit
  2. View all data
  3. Edit all data
  4. Review
  5. Edit App
  6. Can bulk upload
  7. Can view Analytics
  8. Can delete data