e-Pass Service by Clappia

e-Pass Service by Clappia

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Please click on the links against your location to apply for the e-Pass.

  1. Cachar:
  2. Dibrugarh:
  3. Dibrugarh Vehicle Request:
  4. Charaideo:
  5. Nagaon:
  6. Kokrajhar:
  7. Hamren (West Karbi Anglong):
  8. LMG (Indian Railways):
  9. RNY (Indian Railways):
  10. Lakhimpur:
  11. Jorhat:
  12. Darrang:

For other districts of Assam, please apply here:

Cachar crowd report app:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have received an SMS that my pass has been approved but I did not get an email. What should I do?
A: Check your spam folder. You might have received an email. If not, please send an email to contact @ with the location and reference number you might have received in the SMS.

Q: What to do after I have submitted my application?
A: Please wait for an SMS and Email stating whether your application has been rejected or approved. It may be delayed as well as it completely depends on the officer handling your application. Contact the Helpline numbers given above in case you have any queries or emergencies.

Q: I have one of the following issues. Can the Clappia team help?
- I need to change the details of my pass.
- I need to cancel the pass.
- I got my pass late.
- I want to go home which is in XYZ location. Which pass do I need?
- I don't have a vehicle.
- I want to know where to get public transport.
- I have an urgent requirement. Please help.
- I want to get a pass for a location not mentioned above.
- I want my pass to be approved immediately.
A: No, Clappia is just a software provider and any member of Clappia is not authorized to issue or reject any passes. Please do not contact Clappia numbers or Chat support for any of the issues above.

Q: Should I signup on Clappia to see my pass status or resolve my issues?
A: No, you are not required to signup on Clappia for any pass related work. Signing up on Clappia means you are looking for the Clappia software for yourself.

Q: I am from District Administration/Police force. I want to implement an e-Pass service in my area. Whom should I contact?
A: Please write an email to contact @ with your requirements. The Clappia team will connect with you soon.