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Passcode-protected form

Passcode-protected form

This is some text inside of a div block.
  • If you want to show a certain form to a limited number of people, you can use the passcode option. The following are the steps to use this Passcode feature.
  • Drag the Text block and name it Passcode or Password whatever you want.
  • Put the condition on the section which you want to show to certain people that it will appear only if a particular expression (passcode) is entered in the Passcode column, And use any passcode of your choice as shown below

Now, if someone enters the correct passcode (Here it is Clap@123) then only the section will appear else it will be hidden as shown

Correct passcode, section will appear

No password/ wrong passcode, section will be hidden

Here is the link to the Password Protected App, have a look at how this feature is used in it -