Getting Started
Quick Start

Quick Start

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There’s a lot our customers can achieve with Clappia, but here’s a quick overview of the most important steps to get started.

1. Signup

Signup on the platform by visiting and provide your details.

2. Create a Workplace

A Workplace is a virtual boundary for each organization. You can configure your org specific settings like company logo, user access and permissions, notification policies, etc.

3. Add new app

You need to check your email and visit the workplace that you just created. is the URL that needs to be visited in the example above to go to the dashboard. Click on + New App to add your first app.

4. Add sections and blocks

You need to provide basic details of your app and then you can add different sections and blocks that can be configured to achieve the purpose of your business process.

5. Add Workflows

You can add different kinds of workflows as well that can again be configured based on your requirements.

6. Assign Users and Permissions

Of course, you want your users to consume this app. Clappia bypasses the whole app installation package and Appstore/Playstore hosting system by taking this approach of app assignment. Simply assign this app to a user and they can access all apps assigned to them by logging into a common Clappia app.

7. Use

You and your users can use the app immediately on the web, Android and iOS.

Click here to signup and get started with your first app.