No Code Platform for Process Apps

With Clappia, creating complex process apps is as easy as working with Spreadsheets.

Now anyone in your organisation can create Mobile and Web Apps without any coding, deployment or hosting knowledge.

Experience why organizations across 100+ countries use Clappia.

App Types

Here are some of the apps that can be created using Clappia. You can also import apps from our Marketplace and customize them the way you like.

clappia reporting
Reporting Apps
clappia hr apps
HR Apps
clappia accounting apps
Accounting Apps
clappia tracking
GPS Apps
clappia workflow apps
Workflow Apps
clappia offline forms
Offline forms
clappia dynamic documents
Dynamic Documents
clappia advanced

Quick Intro

How it Works

how clappia works

9,295+ App instances deployed by Clappia users!

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External Integrations

clappia zapier integration
clappia mysql integration
clappia tally integration
clappia google sheet integration
clappia mailchimp integration
clappia gmail integration
clappia slack integration
clappia sms integration

Awards & Recognitions

clappia Startup India recognition
clappia Startup India recognition
clappia Startup India recognition
clappia Startup India recognition
Clappia Headstart recognition
Clappia Seaside Startup Summit Goa recognition

Some FAQs

With rapid mobile penetration, organizations want to leverage technology like never before. All they need is a set of custom apps that can digitize their processes and fuel growth.
Clappia aims to change the way businesses procure the complete suite of custom apps. It provides a cloud workplace where anyone with zero coding skills can create a suite of custom mobile and web apps. Using Clappia, employees with basic Excel skills can create complex apps.

Clappia mostly consists of drag-and-drop blocks that are intuitive enough to create simple apps. For complex apps, you don’t need to learn anything new. Clappia translates Spreadsheet formula into codes. If you can write formulae in a Spreadsheet, you can create any app that is in the scope of Clappia platform.

You don’t need to worry about cloud hosting, database setup, Play Store hosting and Appstore hosting. A business user needs to translate business logic into apps. Our platform takes care of all other technical headaches dynamically in the backend.

An average app takes between 1-2 hours from scratch to real usage stage.

We are different because
1. We are strictly for business users who don’t know how to code at all. All complex logic/calculation can be written in the syntax of Spreadsheet formula.
2. All technical problems associated with app creation have been taken care really well.
3. Very complex workflows can be implemented as well.
4. Apps work without internet and data sync whenever the users are back in the internet zone.
5. We integrate will 1000+ apps and services.
6. Custom dashboard for your real-time data collected using mobile data entry apps.
7. All apps are accessible within just one app. You don’t need to run after your users to install/upgrade if you have multiple apps inside your organization.
8. The admins can push apps to the end users. Users just need to login and they can see the apps assigned to them by the admins.
9. Data can flow from one app to another. You can crete an mobile-ready ERP system by yourself by connecting different apps.

We offer a workplace to all organizations so that they can configure organization level settings, logos, apps, and permissions. You can add/remove users inside your workplace ensuring better security.

We have a free plan for you to be comfortable with our platform. After that, we generally charge on the number of registered users using the platform. Public apps with non-registered users are not charged on per user basis.

There is no setup charge. You can start small and invest more only if you are happy with us.

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