Release Notes


  • Timezone configuration for Workplaces. Workplace Admins can set a Timezone for their Workplace. This will be used while handling Date and Time values in Excel download, Google Sheets, dynamic print, workflows etc. Know more.


  • Watermarking on image uploads for Android app (Minimum Clappia app version 2.3.5). Useful for Geolocation tagging, timestamp tagging and putting any other information on the photos. Know more about this feature here.


  • Form-level validations involving multiple app variables. Know more.
  • Automated monthly Workplace usage reports to Workplace Admins – App-wise submission count, device-wise submission count.
  • Workplaces can use their own SMTP settings to send emails configured in the app workflows. Know more.
  • Fixes for date and time fields in IF formulas. Formulas like check_in_date <> “”, checkout_time <> “” can now be used.
  • Fixed issue with LEN function in formula fields.
  • Invite users to Workplace directly from App Configuration tab.
  • Showing variables from copyable sections in print html editor


  • Updated Html template designer for print settings. Users will now be able to do table manipulation operations like table width resize, cell-width resize, cell merge, border settings. All app variables can also be referred to just by typing ‘@’. Know more about dynamic printing here.
  • Changes to app designer to make it more intuitive.


  • Workflow Email node supports static and dynamic (configured in print settings) attachments. Pdfs generated for submissions can be included in the emails sent via workflows. Useful for sending invoices, survey reports, field inspection reports etc to admins and other users.
  • Workflows: One start node in the beginning to allow multiple branches from the start of the workflow. Workflows now support branching from the first node itself.
  • Detailed help tool tips in all the right panels to assist users while they are designing the apps.


  • Excel download and Google Sheets will contain links to uploaded files (previously only file names used to come). Only the users who have access to a submission can open the link to download the files.
  • Excel download will contain only those columns which are selected in Submissions page settings.


  • Text/Html block to support ‘@’ auto-complete of variables.
  • Custom message after submission can be configured. This also supports ‘@’ auto-complete of variables.
  • Better UI for Dependency app dynamic filters config.
  • UI for setting multi-level dropdown
  • auto-populate form using url – sample url –  <WORKPLACE><APP_ID>?customer_n=abc&amount=200&address=Delhi


  • Status (with comments) and ownership updates in history.
  • Moved status and all other app settings to a common configuration tab.