Automated Marketing Activity Tracking through No Code Mobile Apps in Clappia

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September 19, 2022
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Marketing automation is an essential aspect of most businesses, whether they are well-established enterprises or a startup. Since the dawn of self-serve technology, marketers have struggled to find an efficient and cost-effective way to track their marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation allows for efficient management and control of marketing activities within your business. This can help with optimizing lead generation, engaging customers through offers and deals, and keeping track of the effectiveness of campaigns from start to finish. In this article, we’ll show how easy it is to streamline the process by introducing No Code mobile apps which help automate marketing activities tracking through mobile apps.

Clappia - No Code Platform

Clappia is a No Code platform to create business-process apps without writing a single line of code. Anyone with basic excel skills can automate marketing activity tracking processes by building mobile apps without coding.

Applications built in Clappia enable marketing managers to intelligently predict analytics and real-time alerts around these metrics so that marketers can be more effective in their campaigns.

Marketing Activity Tracking Automation in Clappia

Let us consider a bundle of mobile apps for Marketing Activity Tracking already built and available to use on the Clappia App Marketplace:

1. User Master - This app is used to collect details of the product or service user based on their location.

2. Marketing Activity - This app is used to enter the sales details of customer preferences and customer activities towards products.

Automation Flow of Marketing Activity Tracker in Clappia

1. User Master - Record all the details of the product or service user according to the territory. The user Master app is also used by other Clappia apps to pull data from the user master app to other Clappia apps wherever necessary.

User ID - Enter the unique ID of the user

User Name - Enter the full name of the user

User Email - Enter the email ID of the user

User Type - Select the type of user from the drop-down list

GPS Location Assigned - Enter the GPS location of the user to carry out the marketing activity.

State - Enter the name of the state where the GPS location is assigned.

The below image shows a basic layout of the User Master app.

2. Marketing Activity - Use this app to record the sales details of products that will be helpful to determine the marketing activities needed for the shop or an outlet.

This marketing activity tracker app consists of two sections namely User Details and Activity Details.

Section 1

The below image shows a basic layout of the user details section of the Marketing Activity app.

Section 2

Name of the Shop - Enter the name of the shop for which the 

Name of the market - Enter the name of the product or service market 

Name the most frequently sold product - Enter the name of the most frequently sold product

Which brand of Products is available? - Select the brand of the products

Is the sub-distributor involved in sales directly? - Answer Yes or No as applicable.

Which category of product is the most sold product as per the manager? - Enter the name of the most sold product as per the manager’s data.

Attach a picture of the shop owner holding shop items - Click on the camera icon which opens the smartphone camera and click the picture of the shop owner holding the product and upload the same.

The below image shows a basic layout of the marketing activity section of the Marketing Activity app.

Clappia Mobile Apps work in Offline mode

If a user conducting a market survey is in a region where there isn’t a proper internet connection, then the data filled in the User Master app, and the Marketing Activity app can still be submitted. All the data gets synced automatically once the smartphone is connected to a stable internet connection.

Automation of Marketing Activity Activity Tracker

We spend so much of our time on marketing activities and don't really know how much time we spend on each activity. At least 60% of marketing departments report that they feel unprepared to respond quickly to competitive changes in their industries. Effective process automation is key to growing your business. When you automate processes, you’re able to focus more time on driving sales and increasing revenues, which leads to more profit for your company.

Clappia’s No Code automation through simple mobile apps provides companies with the tools to help streamline marketing activity tracking through their apps without any code necessary.

Use these apps and automate the Project Activity Tracking of all the projects your business handles - Clappia App Marketplace

Customize all the mobile apps in the Clappia App Marketplace suitable to your business needs and try them out for free.

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