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You can use Clappia to create a custom expense management app for your business. Here are a few reasons why Clappia should be your first choice for managing your expenses of your employees.

  1. Fully customizable: You can customize each and every field to create an expense management app of your choice.
  2. Mobile app: All Clappia apps can be accessed on mobile as well. So your employees can submit expenses on the go.
  3. Attachments: Clappia supports file uploads. So your users can upload the bills while submitting their expenses.
  4. Logic: You can also set logic in your expense management app. For example, can set logic to show different forms for different types of expenses, throw an error message if an expense cannot be reimbursed etc.
  5. Offline submission: Don’t worry if your employees are in the remote part with low internet connectivity. They can still submit the data which will be synched whenever they are back in the internet zone.
  6. Combined reports: You can download a combined report of all the expenses for accounting purpose.
  7. Review system: You can set up an approval process so that only the correct expenses are reimbursed.
  8. One app: One common app to access all the apps with 1-click distribution, Web-app, Android and iOS.


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