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Automate All Employee Management Operations In A Single No Code Platform 

Bring together all the employee management operations into one dashboard through automation in Clappia. Easily manage employee onboarding to expense tracking and every process in between in real-time

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Companies that trust Clappia for their Employee Management Applications

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employee management software
employee management software
employee management software
employee management software
employee management software

Multiple software solutions for every employee management process becomes complex with increased operations cost

employee management software

Clappia brings all of them
under a single dashboard

Easy to manage & Cost-efficient operations

employee management software
  • Geo-fenced Attendance
  • Employee Asset Tracking
  • Task Calendar
13employee management software
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Background Check
  • Expense Report
employee management
  • Employee Help Desk
  • Employee Support Bench
  • Resignation Request
employee management app
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Data Approvals
  • Leave Requisitions
and many more apps...

We have a stack of applications already built for the Employee Management of your Business

App Templates

Clappia Features

Employee Management

GPS location with Geofencing
employee management software

Employee Asset Location can be monitored by tracking whether or not the employee is at the designated site and location based task can be allotted along with real-time updates

Excel based Formula
employee management

Excel based calculation be easily carried out in the apps just by inserting the formula block and the formula

QR code / Barcode scanner
employee management app - QR Attendance

QR based attendance can be recorded by scanning QR codes/Bar codes from the app

employee management software

Approvals are now made easy as the signatures of the concerned authorities can be sought in the app itself

employee management software

Restricts duplication of data as well as custom validations can be set for specific tasks and specific employees

Live Tracking, Dashboards & Reporting Schedules
employee management software

Each and every operation is monitored and recorded. Data can be viewed, downloaded and automated reports can be generated anytime

Submit Data in Offline Mode
employee management system

Every process: Approvals, Signatures, Payslip generation, Report generation etc, can be carried out in the app even without connecting to the internet.
The data automatically gets synchronized once it is connected to the internet.

Get Rid of Multiple HR Solutions
Save Time and Money

Right from Employee onboarding to Generating payslips and every process in between, automation of Employee Management Operations in No Code Platform helps your business to capitalize on productivity and improvise in real-time

Businesses that love Clappia

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Clappia: No-Code Platform

employee management software

Without coding even a single line and just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks, enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection applications can be built for numerous use cases with various features to manage your operations in Clappia.

We provide a 30-day free trial of Clappia to build applications without coding and use them unconditionally so that you can accurately forecast and see the positive shift in your business.

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