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Transparent Operations of
Field Force Management in Clappia By Automation In No Code Platform

Monitor field employees in real-time and quickly process data for enhanced customer service and streamlined field force process with transparency in operations

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Balance Field Force and Customer Service
By Automating Field Operations Using No Code Platform

❌ Not Manual Management on Excel ❌

Clappia helps your Business in Simplifying
Field Force Processes

Transparent & Efficient Field Operations

  • Service Ticketing Solution
  • Issue Tracker
  • Distance Tracker & Fuel Reimbursement
  • and many more apps...
  • Field Sales Tracker
  • Visitor Management Solution
  • Incident Reporting Solutions
  • and many more apps...
  • Geo-fenced Attendance
  • QR-Based Attendance Solution
  • and many more apps...
  • Marketing Activity Tracker
  • Project Activity Tracker
  • and many more apps...

We have a stack of applications already built for the Field Force of your Business

App Templates

Clappia Features

Field Force Management

GPS location with Geofencing

Field Employees can complete the work at the designated location if and only if they are within the specified radius while monitoring is automated in the app. This way field employees cannot skip the work.

Live Camera Uploads

Field Employees can click pictures and upload them on-the-go during field visits in the app. This way managers know if the data is genuine or not.

QR code / Barcode scanner

Manually writing the serial no. or a unique ID of a product may have a high chance of error even if one alphabet or a number is misplaced.


Field Employees can put down their signature and customers signature in the app itself to confirm orders. Taking signatures on papers carry the risk of wear & tear or being easily misplaced.


Field Employees won’t be able to enter any data more than once in the app. This avoids creation of duplicated data and relieves segregating and deleting duplicate data.

Live Tracking, Dashboards & Reporting Schedules

Manager/Admin can keep track of the field employees on their location, work, time etc., in real-time.

Automated reports can also be setup to get a data dump on a regular basis.

Submit Data in Offline Mode

Field employees can submit the customer data in the app
even without connecting to the internet.
The data automatically gets synchronised once it is connected to the internet.

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Field Force Management Solution streamlined through Clappia.

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The fine blend of Field Force Management and No-code platform strategically proves to be a win-win scenario for both the customers and the business.

Clappia: No-Code Platform

Without coding even a single line and just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks, enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection applications can be built for numerous use cases with various features to manage your operations in Clappia.

We provide a 30-day free trial of Clappia to build applications without coding and use them unconditionally so that you can accurately forecast and see the positive shift in your business.

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