Monitor Health of Patients and Ensure Instant Assistance by Automating Hospital Management in No Code Platform

Collaborate with other departments of the hospital efficiently for properly treating patients without wasting time while generating automated reports of the analytics and sharing those reports with the concerned departments of the hospital

Maintaining files for each patient records and not able to attend to them instantly is poor management

hospital management system

Clappia's automation helps in having all patient records at a single click and attend to them instantly

hospital management system
  • Doctor Appointment Booking
  • Medicine Stock Management
  • Prescription Generation
  • Diagnostic Test Automation
hospital management system
  • Patient Record Management
  • Patient Visit Management
  • Vaccination Tracker
  • Billing Solution

We have a stack of applications already built to refine your Inventory operations

App Templates

Clappia Features

Hospital Management

Submit Data in Offline mode

Submit prescriptions, medicines, statements, records without connecting to the internet in Clappia app.

The data gets synced once it is connected to the internet.

hospital management system

Dynamic Printing

Print medical reports, prescriptions, bills etc, using the template provided in the Clappia app corresponding to the actual values entered in the app.

hospital management system

Excel based Calculations

Easily generate bills in the pharmacy just by entering the medicine name, price and quantity in the Clappia app.

All calculations based on simple excel-based formulas and calculations.

hospital management system

GPS Location with Geofencing

Track doctor visiting the patient in home or patients visit to the hospital.

Geofencing ensures that the patients must go to the designated hospital or clinic for check up.

hospital management system

GET DATA from apps & Integrations

Share data with other departments necessary for the treatment of the patient instead of referring manually

Integrate for SMS, WhatsApp and others* to receive notifications reports generation, doctor statements,, availability of medicines in the pharmacy or on the completion of any process.

hospital management system

Real-time Analytics & Automated Reports

Record each and every process of both the doctor and patient. View, download or print real-time analytics anytime.

Also setup automated reports to be generated for appointments to see the docotr.

hospital management system

Clappia: No-Code Platform

hospital management system

Without coding even a single line and just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks, enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection applications can be built for numerous use cases with various features to manage your operations in Clappia.

We provide a 30-day free trial of Clappia to build applications without coding and use them unconditionally so that you can accurately forecast and see the positive shift in your business.

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