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Student tracking

  • Real-time Attendance Monitoring: Enable real-time attendance monitoring, providing educators with instant insights into attendance patterns and helping identify areas for improvement.
  • Effortless Grade Management: Calculate, and manage student grades, promoting efficient and accurate record-keeping with customizable and automated forms.
  • Customizable Progress Reports: Create customizable progress reports, allowing  teachers to track students' academic development, highlight achievements, and communicate effectively with both students and parents.


Assignment submission

  • Effortless Submission Process: Students can effortlessly submit their work with just a few clicks, reducing administrative hassles with automated alerts on receival.
  • Automated Grading and Feedback: Transforming the grading process, automate evaluations and feedback, saving educators valuable time and providing students with prompt insights into their performance.
  • Real-time Progress Tracking: Monitor real-time advancements of assignments using dynamic calculations and logic, ensuring an efficient and transparent educational workflow.

Class schedule

  • Timetable Management: Create customisable class schedules, making it a breeze to create, update, and share timetables, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • Instant Communication Channels: Enhance communication within your educational institution, facilitating instant updates, announcements, and changes in the class schedule for both students and faculty.
  • Student Engagement: Enhance student engagement by creating interactive class schedules on Clappia, keeping students informed about upcoming events and any changes promptly.

Student portal

  • User-Friendly Course Registration: Simplify the course registration process, allowing students to effortlessly select, enroll, and manage their courses online.
  • Resource Sharing: Foster collaborative learning by sharing resources, study materials, and important announcements.
  • Event Management: Organize and promote events, workshops, and seminars within the student community, fostering a vibrant educational environment.

Exam scheduling

  • Resource Allocation: Easily manage and allocate resources such as classrooms, invigilators, and exam materials through Clappia's intuitive interface.
  • Student Accessibility: Students can easily access their personalized exam schedules and be alerted for any changes.
  • Post-Exam Analysis: Utilize analytics features to assess past exam schedules, identify patterns, and make data-driven improvements for future scheduling efficiency.

School bus tracking

  • Incident Reporting: Simplify incident reporting by using customizable forms on Clappia, facilitating quick and accurate documentation.
  • Bus Monitoring: Monitor bus live location and updates, analyzing optimum school bus routes, ensuring safe and efficient journeys for students.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: Keep school buses in top condition by scheduling and tracking maintenance tasks efficiently.
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