Create Pre-Coded Blockswith Clappia's Pre-Coded Blocks

Create Pre-Coded Blockswith Clappia's Pre-Coded Blocks

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November 28, 2023

Are you looking to build an attendance tracker app for your organization or event? With Clappia's pre-coded blocks, you can easily create a customized attendance tracker without the need for extensive coding knowledge. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of building an attendance tracker using Clappia's user-friendly platform.

How do I create the app?

To get started, log into your Clappia dashboard and click on "New App." Give your app a meaningful name, such as "Attendance Tracker," and proceed to add a section. This section will hold all the necessary fields for capturing attendance details.

Attendance Tracker
Attendance Tracker

What fields can I add to the app?

Within the section, you can add various fields using Clappia's pre-coded blocks. For example, you can use the "Single Line Text" block to capture the submitter's name and email. However, to automate this process and generate the submitter's name and email automatically, you can utilize the "Calculations and Logic" block.

Attendance Tracker

How can I capture the date and time?

Next, add fields for capturing the date and time of the attendance. Clappia offers specific blocks like the "Date Selector" and "Time Selector" to make this task easier. You can configure these blocks to capture the current date and time automatically.

Attendance Tracker

How do users use the app?

Once you have designed and created your attendance tracker app, it becomes live and ready to use. Users can access the app through the Clappia mobile app, which is available for download from the Play Store or App Store. They can simply select the appropriate option, and submit their attendance.

Attendance Tracker

How can I view the attendance records?

All the submitted attendance records can be easily viewed within the app under the "Submissions" tab. This tab provides a comprehensive overview of each submission, including details such as the submitter's name, email, date, time, and clock in/out status.

Attendance Tracker

You can also download your data in a CSV file to view submissions.

Attendance Tracker

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With Clappia's pre-coded blocks, you have the flexibility to customize your attendance tracker app further. Whether it's capturing basic details, utilizing QR codes and barcodes, or including photos, Clappia provides a user-friendly platform to build a fully customized attendance tracking system.

So why wait? Start building your own attendance tracker app today!

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