Looking for a Google Forms App? Try Clappia.

Looking for a Google Forms App? Try Clappia.

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October 27, 2023

Are you looking for a Google Forms app? Check out Clappia as an alternative option. Google Forms are great for surveys and other data collection purposes because users can easily send a link and collect inputs from many people. However, Google Forms does not have a dedicated mobile app, which can be limiting for some organizations. Clappia, on the other hand, offers mobile apps that provide additional features and benefits not possible with Google Forms.

A lady showing a smartphone with the No-Code platform Clappia as an alternative to Google Forms App.

Some key features of Clappia's mobile apps include:

  • Offline data collection support
    Clappia's mobile app allows users to collect data even when they don't have an internet connection. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to collect data in remote areas or where internet access is unreliable. The app automatically syncs the collected data once an internet connection is available, ensuring that all data is accurately captured and recorded.
  • GPS, geofencing, and live tracking
    Clappia's mobile app allows users to track the location of their data collectors in real-time. This is useful for organizations that need to ensure that their collectors are at the right location at the right time. The app also allows users to set up geofences, which trigger notifications when a collector enters or leaves a specific location.
  • Customizable fields
    Clappia's No-Code platform allows users to create customizable fields in a variety of formats, including text, dropdown, phone numbers, single selector, multiple selectors, photos capture, GPS data capture, signature, and QR codes. This allows organizations to collect data in the format that best fits their needs and requirements.
  • Conditions, logic, and connected dropdowns
    Clappia's platform also offers the ability to add conditions, logic, and multiple connected dropdowns to their data collection apps. This allows organizations to create a simple and intuitive interface for their data collectors, while still ensuring that the questions and data collection follow the flow and rules defined by the organization. For example, an organization can set up a rule that only prompts users to take a photo if something is not right, streamlining the data collection process and improving efficiency.
  • Two-way communication
    Clappia's mobile app allows supervisors to either manually reject submissions or set up rules that can automatically reject the submissions if they don't qualify. This feature makes Clappia's No-Code platform the best for data collection. It allows organizations to automate the entire process of data collection and analysis, making it more efficient and productive.

Overall, Clappia's mobile app offers a range of features and benefits that are not possible with Google Forms. With its No-Code platform, anyone with basic excel skills can build powerful business-process apps without writing a single line of code. This makes it easy for organizations to set up a data collection system on the go and start collecting data from the field in real-time.

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