Create Efficient No-Code Apps within a few hours!

Create Efficient No-Code Apps within a few hours!

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October 30, 2023

Conventional coding (hand-coding) vs No-Code app development

Creating a business app takes a lot of time, effort, and money. That's where No-Code app builders come in. They make app development quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective. In the current market and for some upcoming businesses, No-Code app builder technology has become too important and is one of the most needed tools. No-code app builder tools are specifically designed to create apps without coding.

The conventional hand-coding methods of coding and development have many shortcomings. They are time-consuming, and tedious requiring a lot of dedication and patience. Therefore, the conventional coding or the hand-coding method will require a skilled programmer costing a lot of money.

On the other hand, any business user without any coding knowledge is able to create efficient business process apps using a No-Code platform. Since there is no need for skilled programmers, the No-Code app development is a cost-effective solution. Apps are created within hours using a drag-and-drop interface provided by the No-Code platform.

Example: No-Code apps for Vendor Management

These are the following business processes common in every organization:

All these apps are created using simple drag-and-drop blocks with fields such as full name, address, business type, contact person name, documents like PAN Card, MSME certificate or other relevant documents, bank name, branch, IFSC code, account number, account type, name of authorized signatory, etc.

Imagine creating these apps with the conventional coding (hand-coding) method. Writing such huge lines of code, testing, debugging for any errors, and implementing is a completely tedious process compared to a simple No-Code approach where you will just drag and drop the blocks and deploy the app within hours.

  • Vendor Registration
    An app to register vendors by entering vendor business details and necessary supporting documents. This app will act as a vendor master app.
  • Vendor Bank Details
    An app to record the bank details of vendors for payments. Vendor details are fetched from the master app and corresponding bank details are added.
  • Vendor Evaluation
    A checklist app to go through all the details of vendors. The vendor is selected from the master app and correspondingly evaluated and approved/rejected to conduct business with vendors.
  • Vendor Payment
    An app with simple workflows to facilitate vendor payments. The vendor is selected from the master app and corresponding bank details will be displayed from the vendor bank details app. Invoices can be generated for payments or automatic reminders will be sent for due payments.

Other business process apps that can be created without coding are:

  • Audits and Checklists (health, safety & environment).
  • Salesforce Reporting.
  • Daily Tasks & Expense Approval.
  • QR Scan to fetch inventory and mark attendance.
  • Procurement Management.
  • NFC scan to fetch info.
  • Fuel Management.
  • Truck Mileage Tracking, Calculation and Payments.
  • Leave Management.
  • Defect Reporting.
  • Geological Database Management.
  • Work Order Generation.
  • Work Order Tracking.
  • Digital Logbook.
  • Support Request.


If you are a business owner and want to derive the most out of your investment, you should look at innovative ways to scale up your business. As a business, how do you create a strong digital presence? How do you reach out to the target audience, new and existing ones? Of course, you need to create an app for that. But, the question is 'how do you create efficient apps, without hiring a developer?'

Clappia is your No-Code platform that offers a visual No-Code app builder which is an easy and effective way to build an app without coding knowledge. It gives you access to a wide range of app templates and a drag-and-drop interface to create and use apps.

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