Revitalizing Manufacturing via Clappia's Digitalization

Revitalizing Manufacturing via Clappia's Digitalization

No-Code Platform
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December 18, 2023

Almost all businesses benefit from the digital transformation with Clappia, the No-Code platform enabling industry professionals to design business process apps and workflows swiftly, develop solutions to common problems, and establish efficient systems without writing a single line of code.

An employee in manufacturing company using Clappia's No-Code apps to scan the mechanical parts.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the pain points in many industries, especially the manufacturing sector, which has been reluctant to adopt digital processes. Manufacturers have realized the importance of digitalizing business processes and automating recurring and paper-based activities to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changes. A few manufacturers have embraced digital technology such as spreadsheets, emails, and SAP-based ERP solutions but have yet to transform how they conduct business.

SAP-based applications are expensive, and most companies now have them only for machine-critical systems. Such applications are standardized and do not allow customization, thus preventing companies from developing custom-tailored solutions for their unique processes. On the contrary, a No-Code platform is cost-effective, easy to procure, and provides a high level of customization. It enables manufacturers to create simple mobile apps for inventory management, shop floor management, tracking work progress, reporting incidents, allocating resources, sending periodic status reports of the tasks, etc.

The No-Code platform allows top management to monitor the real-time status of all business processes rather than waiting for the mid-level management to provide the data to the administrator, who manually enters it into the system.

No-Code Platform for the Manufacturing Industry

Several manufacturers have already benefited from Clappia by re-imagining how they work by leveraging the power of mobile apps for their business processes built using the No-Code platform. Some of the processes where the No-Code platform can play a critical role in improving overall productivity and efficiency are:

  1. Inventory tracking
  2. Shop floor data collection
  3. Automatic report generation
  4. Real-time production and tracking
  5. Environmental, health, and safety management

Let us look at each one of them briefly.

1.  Inventory Tracking

Most manufacturers manage their inventory via spreadsheets, reminders, and periodic inventory checks. This unsystematic approach quickly becomes unmanageable in larger organizations and halts operations when a part or component malfunctions unexpectedly. An efficient inventory management system becomes invaluable in such cases.

Through Clappia, you can quickly build mobile apps to create automated workflows that ensure that all components are consistently available. Such business process apps allow the plant manager to remotely view the live status of the inventory and automatically order parts in advance to ensure that the enterprise is always prepared to avoid unexpected production downtime caused by equipment failures.

2.  Shop Floor Data Collection

Manufacturers rely upon manual entry and paper-based business processes for their data collection, which is a lengthy and inaccurate process.

Real-time shop floor data collection is essential to improve manufacturing productivity and reduce downtime. Clappia enables operators on the shop floor to input real-time data into the mobile app through text, image, or video. With Clappia, the operations manager can collect time-sensitive data from the shop floor and make decisions based on them.

3.  Automatic Report Generation

Although many manufacturers have automated tools for collecting data, they spend many hours each month manually summarizing data and delivering it via email. Your team may automate reporting and spend time executing value-added tasks with No-Code-powered manufacturing productivity tools to gain real-time insight into the plant's performance.

Automatic reporting eliminates manual errors and keeps everyone on the same page by giving real-time data and insights to all levels of the business. Furthermore, Clappia ensures that you remain updated using the mobile app, which remotely gives real-time alerts regarding statuses, milestones, potential difficulties, and downtime.

4.  Real-Time Production Tracking

Manufacturing technology innovation is at an all-time high, but determining where to begin can take time and effort. It would be advantageous if you had a system that is simple to deploy, easy to use, and produces transformative insights. Clappia's real-time production tracking comes in handy here.

Clappia provides a fully automated solution that provides real-time visibility into crucial areas such as OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), machine utilization, accurate status in a multistage manufacturing process, and downtime. It enables you to eliminate bottlenecks, boost capacity, and maximize efficiency swiftly.

5.  Environmental, Health, and Safety Management

Improving performance and ensuring compliance with all Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) requirements, commitments, and restrictions are challenging in a complex manufacturing environment. While each organization's EHS requirements will differ, the core goal is frequently the same: to reduce overall risk, comply with regulations, and enable the company to function effectively while ensuring a safe and environmentally healthy workplace.

By utilizing the EHS checklist and incident reporting mobile apps, Clappia’s No-Code platform helps to reduce risk. These No-Code apps allow field staff to scan a QR code to download the relevant EHS checklist, instantaneously report issues, upload GPS coordinates, videos, or photographs, and ensure a timely resolution by contacting the right people at the right moment.

Aside from these benefits, Clappia can fully automate maintenance procedures, track compliances, control quality checks, and provide seamless customer support services.

Why Clappia?

Clappia allows everyone (operators, supervisors, engineers, specialists, etc.) to develop mobile apps and automate processes by leveraging pre-defined reusable software blocks.

These mobile apps can improve existing processes and provide new ways to speed up day-to-day operations. Manufacturers may use our No-Code platform to design new solutions that save manufacturing costs quickly, save staff time, and anticipate equipment or supply issues.

Let us look into some of the main benefits of Clappia and the No-Code platforms in general.

1.  Easy to Use and 10x Faster than Traditional Development

A group of employees in a manufacturing company using Clappia to build No-Code apps for their business processes and factory operations through drag-and-drop action.

Clappia's No-Code platform is simple to use. It includes drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to develop custom enterprise-grade apps without coding knowledge. It will enable you to create such apps in days rather than months. Because everything is visual, citizen developers can see what they're doing in real-time.

2.  Simplified App Updates and Maintenance

Traditionally, taking down the app was necessary to modify the app or develop and include new features. Clappia's No-Code platform, on the other hand, allows you to easily add a new feature and deploy the changes while the app is running. With no code, you don't need a programmer for maintenance since adding updates and modifications to the app is a piece of cake for a citizen developer.

3.  Leverage Internal Resources

The No-Code platform allows native users with hands-on knowledge of the problem to quickly develop their apps. Since programming knowledge is not needed, Clappia helps firms build solutions using their internal resources rather than hiring someone from outside.

4.  Saves Money and Drives Innovation

Legacy maintenance can deplete the resources and budget of an IT department. There is no need to maintain legacy code while using Clappia's No-Code platform. Clappia enables you to create custom apps without coding, leading to faster builds with no maintenance costs.

5.  Works Without Internet

Manufacturers should employ mobile apps to transmit live data instead of taking manual notes and returning them to the computer operator to enter into the system. Clappia allows the operator to enter information directly into the mobile app even if there is no internet connection. When the smartphone detects a stable internet connection, all data gets synched immediately.

The Future is No-Code

With businesses understanding the strength and ease of use, there's no doubt that more enterprises will adopt No-Code solutions to automate their processes, and this sort of app creation will become the new normal. 65% of all app development by 2024 will employ a No-Code/low-code platform, predicts Gartner.


The No-Code platform can increase historically unknown productivity, profitability, and efficiency levels by streamlining and optimizing every process for your manufacturing company. Clappia's high level of customization leads to higher productivity while dramatically lowering hazards. It delivers workflow automation while boosting visibility and resource utilization.

Clappia allows real-time information to flow automatically from the shop floor to the back office, from process engineers to production line employees, and from customers to product owners. It enables individuals with the most knowledge of the issues to address them effectively and quickly, resulting in sustainable and game-changing solutions.

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