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Factory inspectors are tasked with the vital responsibility of ensuring the safety of machinery used in the manufacturing process. Factory inspection is a process where the factory owner wants to make sure that their equipment or machinery has no defects. The manual process to inspect a factory is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. This requires many middlemen.

A machine that is not functioning safely can cost lives and cause serious injuries. Consumers are also put at risk when machines are not safe for use.

If your business is looking for an easy way to inspect its factory, then the Factory Inspection is what you should be looking for. No Code automation helps you to build an app for inspecting a factory using Clappia in a few minutes.

Clappia - No Code Platform

Clappia is a No Code platform to create business-process apps without coding. Anyone with basic excel skills is able to create effective mobile apps, just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks, and effectively automate the factory inspection process.

 create business-process apps without coding

Factory Inspection Solution Automated in Clappia

Let us consider a Factory Inspection mobile app already built and available to use on the Clappia App Marketplace. It contains two sections namely, Inspector Details and Inspection Checklist.

Section 1

Inspector Name - Enter the name of the inspector responsible for conducting the factory inspection.

Email ID - Enter the email address of the inspector.

Contact Number - Enter the mobile number of the inspector.

Role - Enter the role or designation of the inspector.

Take Selfie - The factory inspector will click on the camera icon, the smartphone’s camera will open, the inspector will click a selfie picture, and will upload the same in the factory inspection app.

Location of the Factory - Click on the location icon and the location automatically populates.

Below is an image of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Inspector Details’ section:

 image of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Inspector Details’ section:

Section 2

Below are the images of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Inspection Checklist’ section:

Inspection Date - The inspector will enter the date of factory inspection

Select Factory - Select the factory from the drop-down list

Select Machine - Select the machine from the list of machines in the factory.

Scan QR/Barcode of the Machine - Click on the QR Code icon where a scanner opens up that scans the QR code/Barcode on the machine and uploads the information. 

Machine’s Photo - Click on the camera icon where the smartphone’s camera opens up, click a picture of the machine and upload the same in the app.

Machine Working Properly - Choose Yes or No appropriately.

Rate the accuracy of the machines - Provide ratings out of 5.

Rate your feedback about the cleanliness maintained in the factory - Provide ratings out of 5 stars.

Remarks - Mention any observations of the factory inspection process or any other factory details related to factory inspection.

Signature - The factory inspector will sign 

Add another Inspection - Click on this option to add another section for conducting another factory inspection.

 images of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Inspection Checklist’ section
 images of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Inspection Checklist’ section:

Clappia Mobile Apps work in Offline mode

If you want to conduct a factory inspection without an internet connection you can easily carry out the inspection process without any difficulty. The data will be recorded in the app after carrying out the inspection process and submitting. After connecting to a stable internet connection the data recorded in the app will be synced automatically.

Use the Factory Inspection app and efficiently automate the process of inspecting machinery in your organization or business - Clappia App Marketplace.

Customize all the mobile apps in the Clappia App Marketplace suitable to your business needs and try them out for free.


What is Factory Inspection?

Factory inspection is a process where factory owners ensure that their equipment or machinery has no defects. It involves a thorough examination of machinery, equipment, and safety measures to guarantee a safe and defect-free manufacturing environment.

What is an Inspection Checklist in Audit?

An inspection checklist in an audit is a structured list of items or criteria that auditors use to systematically assess and evaluate various aspects of a factory's operations. It includes items such as equipment condition, safety measures, compliance with regulations, and overall operational efficiency.

How does Clappia automate the Factory Inspection process?

Clappia automates the Factory Inspection process by providing a pre-built Factory Inspection mobile app available on the Clappia App Marketplace. This app consists of two sections: Inspector Details and Inspection Checklist. Users can easily input inspector details, conduct inspections, scan QR/barcodes, take photos, and provide ratings—all without coding.

What is the Purpose of Factory Audit?

The purpose of a factory audit is to assess and verify the manufacturing processes, safety protocols, and overall compliance with industry standards. It ensures that factories operate efficiently, adhere to regulations, and maintain high-quality standards in their production processes.

What are the Types of Inspection?

Types include Routine, Pre-Shipment, Receiving, In-Process, and Final Inspection, each serving specific purposes in maintaining quality and safety.

What does the Inspection Checklist section in the Factory Inspection app encompass?

The Inspection Checklist section involves key fields such as Inspection Date, Select Factory, Select Machine, Scan QR/Barcode of the Machine,

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