Using Clappia as a work order management app

Use Case
February 23, 2019

You can use Clappia to create a custom work order management app for your business. Here are a few reasons why Clappia should be your first choice for managing your work orders.

  1. Fully customizable: You can customize each and every field to create a work order management app of your choice.
  2. Mobile app: All Clappia apps can be accessed on mobile as well. So your staff can manage the work orders on the go.
  3. Offline submission: Don’t worry if your employees are in the remote part with low internet connectivity. They can still submit the data which will be synched whenever they are back in the internet zone.
  4. Generate PDFs: You can print work orders in the desired format with all the headers, footers, logos, and other custom contents.  
  5. Inter-connected apps: Of course a work order is not a standalone process that you need. You can create several apps in Clappia and then connect them together for data flow to achieve the required purpose. For example, you can create work orders corresponding to an invoice which can have a separate app. Once an invoice is paid, a work order can be generated.
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