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In this blog, we'll delve into how this feature can be utilized in real-life scenarios to provide users with the ability to download essential documents seamlessly.

Use Case: Managing Leave Requests with Attached Files

Imagine you're overseeing a leave request process where employees need to submit details for approval. In such cases, having a clear policy document readily available is crucial. With Clappia's Attached Files block, you can effortlessly integrate this document into your app. Let's walk through the steps:

Step 1: App Design

Start by designing your leave request app on Clappia's platform. Set up fields for essential information like the leave type, start date, end date, etc.

download essential documents seamlessly

Step 2: Configure Attached Files Block

Within the app's design interface, select the "Add Field" option. Choose the "Attached Files" block and customize it. Give it an appropriate label, such as "Leave Policy," and provide a helpful description.

download essential documents seamlessly

Step 3: Upload Relevant Files

Use the "Attached Files" block to upload the leave policy document. You can drag and drop files or select them from your system.

download essential documents seamlessly

Step 4: Apply Display Conditions

Enhance user experience by using display conditions. For instance, if you want the leave policy to be visible only when the "Leave Type" selected is "Others," set up the appropriate condition.

download essential documents seamlessly

Step 5: Benefit from User-Friendly Access

Once the app is live, users can easily access the attached leave policy while submitting their requests. They can simply click on the attachment and download the document, ensuring they have the necessary information at their fingertips.

download essential documents seamlessly

Conclusion: Empower Your Workflow with Attached Files

Clappia's Attached Files block proves invaluable in scenarios where seamless access to reference documents is essential. From leave policies to instructions, this feature enhances communication and user experience. To unlock the full potential of your app and streamline various processes, start building with Clappia today!


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