Top 8 Microsoft Power Apps Altenatives and Competitors 2023

November 8, 2022
5 minutes read

Due to the widespread use of No-Code platforms, almost every firm has a system of No-Code apps today. Many businesses cannot afford to hire full-time engineers or dedicated staff or may not want to do so. In this case, no-code platforms are helpful. Thanks to No-Code platforms, businesses can now construct efficient business process apps for a small fraction of the cost.

Let's examine Microsoft Power Apps alternatives that are unique from one another since each No-Code platform has a unique set of characteristics to provide.

1.  Clappia

Using only Excel skills, non-technical business users may create dependable mobile and web apps with the help of Clappia's No Code app creation platform. Users can create a wide range of helpful apps and workflows, from basic data-collecting tools to enterprise-grade ERPs, without understanding any coding to run their enterprises.

With drag-and-drop capabilities like GPS position, QR code, Geofencing, Live Tracking, Live camera uploads, NFC, Google Drive connection, and many more, Clappia makes it possible to build robust business process apps. More than 50 ready-made apps are also included in the collection of app templates.

Your Clappia apps can be published as links to online forms and integrated into your website. Download the Clappia app launcher to utilize apps offline.

2.   JotForm App

The JotForm Apps No-Code platform allows for the addition of forms, widgets, links, and branding to a personalized app. Drag and drop, email, QR code, and link sharing are all supported for your apps. By offering simply editable, always-available app templates, JotForm apps streamline the process for app developers.

3.   Caspio

Caspio is an extra low-code platform choice for Power Apps. It permits the creation of non-programming applications. Users may construct apps with Caspio ten times more fast thanks to its capabilities and tools. Using open-source tools like HTML, CSS, and others, developers can personalise their apps by connecting the database to other cloud services.

4.   Kintone

Teams can create apps and databases without writing any code thanks to a technology called Kintone. Kintone enables business users to collaborate and communicate with one another through conversations and shared documents.

For contacts, meetings, bills, custom CRM, inventories, accounting, timesheets, to-do lists, real estate, and projects, Ninox provides a number of customizable templates.

5.  Appsheet

Appsheet is a very user-friendly No-Code platform. Just add a spreadsheet, some feature, and branding to publish your app. More than 50 app templates, including ones for field service and data collection, transportation, compliance reports, delivery tracking, property surveys, and many more, are available in Appsheet, which is quick and simple to use.

6.   Glide

Glide allows you to convert your data from Google Sheets into powerful apps. When creating your application, you have a number of pre-built templates to select from. Then, depending on the requirements and objectives of your company as well as your desired design, you may modify it by adding various features, sections, and layouts, including dialogue boxes, map integrations, call buttons, contact forms, social media symbol connections, and basic charts or graphs.

7.  Airtable

Airtable, a fantastic No-Code platform, operates rapidly and is just as adaptable as a spreadsheet. Additionally, it automates data transfer back and forth and makes it easier to integrate with pre-existing systems like Dropbox, Eventbrite, Box, Basecamp, Facebook, GitHub, etc.

8.  Ninox

Ninox is an alternative to Power Apps that resembles spreadsheets. This platform allows users to build reports for data visualization in forms such as Kanban, Gantt, and Diagrams. By making changes to the community-shared templates, users can automate their business operations.

For contacts, meetings, bills, custom CRM, inventories, accounting, timesheets, to-do lists, real estate, and projects, Ninox provides a number of customizable templates.

Businesses and organizations are looking for No-Code platforms to meet the needs of their consumers and employees without having to hire more people. Resources that can be used to create custom business apps must be made available in order to accomplish this. Each No-Code platform will provide a particular contribution to the automation and simplification of processes, improving workflow efficiency, depending on its capabilities.

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