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Do you want to streamline your field inspection and maintenance operations? Do you use a paper-based or ERP solution that is prone to error, difficult to maintain, and does not allow customization based on your business needs? We are here to help! With Clappia, you can build a highly flexible and transparent app to conduct your field inspections efficiently.

Field inspection process is one of the most critical processes of field force management. However, most field inspection processes today are entirely manual, with no consistent check-list or process to carry out the inspection. Paper-based processes are time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to manage. On the other hand, ERP-based solutions are mainly generic, with no way to tailor them to your specific business requirements. 

You can use advanced features like GPS location, QR code scanner, camera, upload, dynamic calculation, pdf generation, etc. to build a highly flexible and sophisticated app to conduct your field inspections. With Clappia, you can streamline your field inspection process, introduce transparency and guide the inspector through the inspection stages directly using a smartphone app. 

The best part is that you do not even need to know how to code to build apps with Clappia

Clappia’s Automatic Field Inspection System

The Automatic Field Inspection System template has the following features:

Extract Inspector Details

The app uses formula blocks to extract the inspector's name and email address based on the user account. The app also captures the date and time while filling out the form. The date and time blocks allow customization to disable inspectors from modifying the date or time. It ensures that you always have. a uniform and precise data set.

Field Inspection App
Field Inspection App

Detect Inspector Location

With Clappia, it is possible to accurately find out the GPS location of the user. The app uses a GPS location block to detect the GPS location of the inspector automatically. It allows accurate tracking of the inspector’s location. You can also configure this block to ensure that the inspector cannot manually change the GPS location.

Field Inspection App

Generate Inspection ID

Clappia allows you to organize your reports by generating a unique ID for each inspection report. The app uses a unique numbering block to generate a distinct ID for the inspection report. It allows further tracking and analysis of the inspection report and helps create a PDF with a unique ID.

Fill Inspection Checklist

The app uses single selector blocks to allow the field inspector to complete the checklist by clicking yes or no for each item based on their observation. There are 26 inspection checkpoints; the inspector must go through each and provide individual answers.

Compute Inspection Score & Inspection Result

Clappia allows you to use a formula block and write basic to complex logical expressions to make dynamic calculations based on real-time inputs. The app calculates the inspection score and result based on the inspector’s information on the inspection checklist.

Field Inspection App

Overall Inspection Rating

A rating block is used, which allows the inspector to provide their rating based on the entire field inspection process.

Field Inspection App

Upload Inspection Images

Additionally, you can mandate the inspector to upload pictures of the inspection process for further verification and analysis. Our camera block has a feature that disables inspectors from uploading an existing photo from their gallery and mandates them to click a live image and upload. It ensures that the pictures are not forged and are authentic. 

Upload Signatures of Concerned Personnel

Once the inspection process is over, the form can finally be signed-off by the concerned parties, including the field inspector and the site supervisor. The signature block is used to fulfill the purpose, which allows anybody to do a manual signature on the smartphone.

Works Without Internet

Apps designed with Clappia do not necessarily need an internet connection to work. The apps can work offline and the form data is stored in the smartphone. Once the internet connection is available, the data gets automatically synced up. This allows businesses to carry out field inspection in remote areas without an internet connection.

App Demo

Field Inspection App
Field Inspection App

Final Thoughts

With Clappia's automatic field inspection system, you can conduct effective and uniform field inspections and organize your inspection reports directly from your smartphone. You can incorporate additional workflows, build a live dashboard, generate reports, send automatic emails, and integrate with other apps to stay on top of your business. And that's not all. Apps built with Clappia do not need an internet connection. It allows your business to be equally efficient and transparent even in the most remote location. 

Clappia offers sophisticated features like GPS location, QR Code/Barcode scanner, NFC reader, live tracking, camera upload, dynamic calculations, signature upload, pdf upload, etc. With such features, Clappia is the best Google Forms alternative.

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1. What is the field inspection?

Field inspection refers to the process of conducting on-site assessments and examinations of properties, equipment, or systems to evaluate their condition, compliance with regulations, and overall quality. It involves gathering information, documenting observations, and generating reports to facilitate informed decision-making and ensure adherence to standards and requirements.

2. What is field inspection software?

Field inspection software is a technological solution that automates and streamlines the field inspection process. It replaces traditional paper-based or manual methods with digital tools and features that enable inspectors to efficiently collect, manage, and analyze inspection data. Field inspection software typically includes functionalities such as customizable inspection forms, mobile data capture, GPS tracking, image annotation, automated report generation, and integration with other systems or databases. It enhances accuracy, productivity, and reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to optimize their inspection workflows and improve overall efficiency.

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