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Vendor Management

vendor management software free

Vendor Management is one the most important branches of the workforce management of a business which deals with the processes of onboarding and managing vendors for goods, service or staff and also vendor relations. The processes include: selecting appropriate vendors, negotiating deals, controlling costs, minimizing vendor-related risks and assuring service delivery.

For example, an organization uses thousands of vendors in supply chains. They have to be managed in a better way and have controlled and fruitful relations throughout the accord of the life cycle.

Why Integrate Vendor Management in No Code Platform?

Appropriate vendors have to be selected and vendor relations have to be managed throughout the lifecycle of the deal. No Code platform helps in maintaining transparent operations through efficient automation of vendor management processes. Vendor onboarding, approvals, status updates, data storage and retrieving, tracking, timely payments and many more.

Integrating vendor management processes into no code platform streamlines operations and the automation ensures control over them in one place.

Clappia: No Code Platform

vendor management software free

Clappia is a No code application development platform with which business owners or anyone in the organization with basic excel skills will be able to build powerful business process applications. Whether you're a small business with a few employees or a large corporation with hundreds of workers, Clappia will help you make your company run smoother.

With a stack of productive features, Enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection apps can be easily built in Clappia by using simple drag-and-drop blocks to manage your business operations. All without having to code even a single line.

Vendor Management Solutions in Clappia

Apps for various vendor management processes can be easily built. Some of them include:

  1. Vendor Registration
  2. Vendor Onboarding
  3. Vendor Evaluation
  4. Vendor Performance Tracker
  5. Vendor Payment
  6. Vendor Risk Management

  • Apps in Clappia will ensure smooth onboarding as each and every necessary information can be easily collected and the documents can be quickly processed to associate a company as a vendor
  • Getting status updates and approvals for each level in the vendor management process is quick as it takes just a few taps or clicks in Clappia app.
  • Real-time tracking data on purchase of goods or services is also available and automated reports can also be generated based on the data.
  • Automation of vendor operations in Clappia ensures proper vendor management which means good vendor relations which in turn means timely payments. 

Vendor Management Automation in Clappia

Clappia’s feature stack includes large ammunition of productive features crucial for the automation of the vendor management process of your business. The features are detailed below:

  1. Submit when Offline

Onboard vendors and approve workflows by submitting data without internet connection in Clappia. Data sync takes place automatically once the device is connected to the internet.

  1. Basic Data Input Blocks

Basic features for data collection such as: Name(Single line text), Address(Multi-line text), Phone Number, Email, Date, Time, Rating, Slider, Multiple Selector etc.

  1. GET DATA from other Apps

Clappia supports pulling data from other clappia apps and other apps too making it a feasible solution to manage all the processes in a single platform and keeping up to date records.

  1. Formula Block for Calculations

Automated calculations 

  1. QR Code/Barcode Scanner

Products can be easily scanned and the data regarding them can be easily uploaded in the Clappia app.

  1. Signature

Approvals are quick and easy as the signatures for necessary procurement of resources can be easily recorded in the Clappia app.

  1. Validation

Validation helps in preventing the duplication of data. Any or a specific data cannot be entered more than once.

  1. Sequential Unique Numbering

Any task or a process can be easily defined and the serial number will be automatically allotted to the concerned task.

  1. Dynamic Printing

Agreements, reports and any documents can be printed out from a template document which is provided that considers dynamic data entered in the Clappia app.

  1. Real-time Analytics and Automated Reports

Vendor performance can be tracked in real-time and automated reports can be triggered at regular intervals.

  1. Integrations - SMS, Whatsapp and others*

Clappia supports SMS and WhatsApp notifications for each and every process right from onboarding till the payments and everything in between.


vendor management software free

Integrating with the No Code platform is the most sensible option as the future of application development is No Code. Automation of vendor management solutions in Clappia will help businesses with increased efficiency and control vendor risk management.

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