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August 21, 2023
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In the fast-paced world of business, staying organized and efficient is crucial. Welcome to Clappia! In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the powerful status review feature that Clappia offers.

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Whether you're managing marketing activities, tracking inventory, or handling any other process that involves tracking the status of submissions, Clappia's status review feature can be your ultimate ally.

Understanding the Status Review Feature

The status review feature allows you to seamlessly monitor and manage the statuses of various submissions in your custom apps. This can be done either manually or automatically through workflows, depending on your specific requirements.

Manual Status Review: Streamlining Approvals

Imagine you have a marketing activity tracker app where employees submit their activities for approval. In this scenario, the status review process can be manual, where certain submissions require manual approval before changing their status.

Automated Status Review: Boosting Efficiency

On the other hand, in a more complex scenario, consider an inventory management app. When new stock arrives, you want the status of your inventory submissions to automatically change to "In Stock" if the new stock increases the current stock to a certain threshold.

How to Implement Manual Status Review

Let's start by exploring manual status review using Clappia's user-friendly interface:

  • Design Your App Structure: Create your custom app structure, including the necessary fields and submission statuses.
  • Configure Submission Statuses: Define the different statuses that your submissions can have.
  • Create Workflows: Under the "Workflows" section, set conditions to trigger specific actions based on certain criteria. For instance, if an activity isn't pre-approved, trigger an approval notification to an approver.
  • Assign Permissions: Assign reviewer permissions to those who will approve submissions.
  • Approve and Update: Once an approval notification is received, the approver can easily change the status of the submission manually.

Automating Status Review with Workflows

For more complex scenarios like inventory management, Clappia's workflows come into play:

  1. Set Up App Structure and Statuses: Create your inventory management app structure and define statuses like "In Stock" and "Out of Stock."
  2. Configure Workflows: Define workflow steps that include conditions based on variables like "current stock" and "new stock."
  3. Automate Status Updates: Use workflows to automatically change submission statuses based on conditions you set. For example, when new stock is added, if the total stock surpasses a certain threshold, the status can automatically change to "In Stock."

Benefits and Applications

Clappia's status review feature has far-reaching applications across industries:

  • Streamlined Approvals: From marketing to HR, approvals can be simplified with intuitive workflows.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of stock status effortlessly, ensuring efficient stock management.
  • Project Tracking: Monitor project milestones and statuses seamlessly.
  • Task Management: Stay on top of tasks by tracking their progress and completion status.

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