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The purpose of having inventory management software is so that businesses need not have to put in too much effort or their resources into a process that can be automated effectively and accurately.

Clappia, a no-code platform is one such tool where businesses of all sizes can simply create their own inventory management app, tailored to their specific requirements.

Why Switch to an Inventory Management Software?

There’s a lot that goes into running a business and it is imperative for every business to minimize redundancies wherever possible. 

Traditionally, inventory management involves a lot of business resources. It can involve the use of a lot of manpower, manually entering data of incoming stock which is cumbersome for large companies as it takes time. That also means that there can be a lot of paperwork involved which just leads to a mess if piled on. Keeping track of movement of items and updating the inventory can be a complex task. It can also involve a lot of approvals along the way which creates bottlenecks and delays.

This may not always be the case, but it is always better to have no worries in mind when there is a system in place that takes care of all the issues that can happen when you do things the old way. This creates a path to focus on other important business areas.

Inventory Management Software offered by Clappia

With Clappia, you can create your own customized inventory management app. The best part is, although it is an app that you will be creating, you do not need any kind of coding knowledge to build it. Just utilize the drag and drop features to create your inventory management app and take advantage of some handy features:

Code Scanner: This feature of Clappia allows you to use your smartphone’s camera to easily scan QR Codes or Barcodes of any items or products that have unique SKU’s. This enables you to remove manual entries or discard the use of any other external devices for scanning.

GPS Location: This will help you to locate your products if you have to manage inventory across multiple site locations. You can get a map view of your location, the address and gps coordinates.

Live Tracking: Get live location information of logistics which provides a map view with the direction the products are on the move. This ensures that you know exactly where incoming inventory is and do not have to use multiple channels for communication.

Image Attachments: For every item, you can attach images or videos for future identification.

If you think you may need a complex inventory management app, one that involves incorporating your workflows to further automate your inventory process, then Clappia can help you to achieve just that as well:

Create multiple apps: Within Clappia, you can create numerous apps for various types of inventory processes. It is always better to have your inventory apps under a single platform for ease.

Interconnect your apps: Pull information automatically from one app to any other app that you create in your Clappia workplace. This is useful if you need to maintain MIS for inventory and have other related inventory process apps that require the MIS information to process additional data such as updating stock levels.

Setup alerts: Receive emails or mobile notifications, for example, if stock levels are running low, or there have been delays in logistics. Use workflows to trigger such automated notifications based on your inventory needs.

Setup approval flow: If you have multi-level of approvals, automate the flow of approvals when conditions change during inventory handling and avoid confusions or bottlenecks.

Offline Mode: Continue to keep track of inventory even if there is no internet connection. This is useful if logistics come from remote areas. Data gets synced automatically once the connection is back.

Here is a simple help guide on how you can create your own custom inventory management system app:

Why choose Clappia?

Apart from all the features mentioned above, you might feel that it might still get tricky to create your own inventory management system. Don’t worry, as Clappia understands the need of building apps quickly, efficiently and most importantly easily:

  • No coding knowledge required. If you require complex inventory process apps, basic Excel skills is all it takes combined with using the right features offered.
  • Clappia has a simple user interface. Use the drag and drop features to create your inventory app structure just like a simple form.
  • Import your existing inventory data into your Clappia app and continue to add on from there. You can bulk upload your existing data from Excel sheets or even from other platforms.
  • Use pre-built templates available for having an inventory management system so that you don’t have to build from scratch. Customize it according to your needs and reduce time taken to create your inventory management system.
  • Clappia's platform is scalable and grows with your business accommodating your evolving requirements.
  • Clappia provides 24/7 support so that you always have assistance in case of any troubles

Inventory Management with Clappia: A Smarter Way Forward

In conclusion, an efficient inventory management system is important for every business of any size so don’t let traditional methods hold you back when you can take advantage of Clappia’s no code platform to create your own customized inventory management system. Let Clappia help you in streamlining your inventory processes, reduce errors, and automate your inventory workflow freeing up valuable resources for other business tasks.

Sign up for Clappia today and experience the future of inventory management.


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