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Today, 5.07 billion people around the world use the Internet, accounting for 63.5% of the world's population. As of August 2022, mobile devices accounted for 62% of all website traffic. This level of Internet literacy and smartphone availability has resulted in the widespread use of QR codes and barcodes worldwide.

Apart from online payments, QR codes or barcode-based apps are helping global industries speed up their processes while maintaining quality in the workplace. As a result, QR codes and barcodes may be found practically anywhere, from machines to product packaging to billboards to building walls. Almost all Fortune 500 companies have incorporated code-based apps into their arsenal to boost productivity.

You can build mobile apps that scan QR codes and barcodes containing encoded information that can equip the phone to do many things - sending a text message or an email, opening a video or a website, accessing a product manual, marking attendance, tracking shipping consignments, raising incidents directly from the shop floor, etc. The possibilities are endless!

While Google Forms is the most common choice for capturing information, sadly, it does not support a QR code or barcode scanner. But we at Clappia have your back. Using Clappia's no-code platform, you can design apps with additional features such as a QR Code or Barcode Scanner, GPS Location, NFC Reader, Live Tracking, and so on in a few minutes. The best part is that you don't need coding experience to create apps with Clappia.

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How to Integrate Code Scanner into Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first step while developing an app with Clappia is to create a free account and set up a workspace that will store all your apps and related information.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks provide a variety of blocks for data input, upload, and processing, as well as options for adding workflows, adding analytics, integrating with external APIs, and so on.

Clappia provides the Code scanner block as part of the Data Input Blocks, which you can use to scan any QR code or barcode. The Code scanner block comes with the following features:

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Automatically Scan a QR Code or Barcode

Clappia's code scanner block enables you to scan any QR code or barcode to collect encoded information and automatically execute a predetermined action based on it.

Manually Enter a QR Code or Barcode

In scenarios where you cannot scan a QR code or barcode manually, you can design the app to allow you to enter a corresponding numeric code manually. This functionality is particularly helpful when the camera malfunctions and fails to scan the code.

Pull Details from Another Clappia App

With Clappia, it is possible to pull details from another app in the workspace. With this feature enabled, you can extract additional custom information from another Clappia app when you scan a QR code or barcode.

Google Forms QR code and barcode integration

Data Source App: The Master app from which you can extract data.
Selection Fields: Choose any fields as a reference to retrieve data from the master app.
Pulled Fields: Choose the fields from the master app you want to import into the current app.
View Records in the Source App
: If you want end users to be able to pull all submissions from the master app, choose this option.

Supports Barcode Scanning

Mandatory Scanning

The app will mandate you to scan a code to submit the form when this option is enabled.

You may learn more about these features by visiting our YouTube channel and watching Part 1 and Part 2 of the code scanner block tutorial.

Clappia's code scanner block can scan barcodes in addition to QR codes. If you are an older business and have not yet upgraded to QR code capabilities, this feature will still allow you to use our apps to create custom solutions.

How Clappia's Code Scanner-Based Apps Transform the Logistics Industry - An Example

The pandemic wreaked damage on nearly every industry. Following the restart, most sectors began to use QR codes or barcodes to incorporate contactless operations. The logistics industry has also started to employ such codes to speed up processes and give clients high-quality service. The logistics business employs a highly mobile and dynamic workforce. You may manage your inventory, supervise field staff, track consignments and shipping operations from order to delivery, collect real-time data in your warehouses, and so on by simply scanning a QR code or barcode with apps built with Clappia. Clappia-powered mobile apps do not require an internet connection, making it possible for us to track your package even in remote places.

Let's look at some of the applications of QR codes/Barcodes in logistics using this alternative to Google Forms QR code and barcode surveys.

Seamless Inventory Management

With apps built with Clappia, the ground staff can scan QR codes or barcodes to track parcels. Each scan is stored in Clappia's secure online database, serving as your automatic inventory system. A shipment's serial number, product description, customer details, delivery date, destination information, etc., can be stored in the inventory code. The primary goal is to have a centralized database to store information about each parcel.

Automated Parcel Tracking

With Clappia, you can track a parcel by placing a QR code or barcode on your packages and shipments. When any worker scans the code, the scan details will reflect on the centralized dashboard powered by Clappia. The points can include the location and time of the scan, the device used, the total number of scans made, etc. With this feature, anybody can easily monitor a package while it is shipped and get the most up-to-date information.

Drop-off Location Guide

Package delivery delays occur when the delivery partner needs to know the precise location. Clappia-powered apps enable them to scan a QR code or barcode on the consignment and help them to navigate to the delivery location. It ensures 100% delivery success, even in remote regions.

Customer Support and Feedback

Apps designed with Clappia allow your customers to quickly scan a QR code or barcode if they wish to return a product, get extra help, or leave feedback. It improves the consumer experience because they only need to scan a code instead of filling out a tedious form.

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Final Thoughts

Customer demands continue to evolve as technology advances, and companies must adapt to meet them. When you look at the changes over time, it’s evident that QR codes and barcodes speed up and streamline processes by providing more information. Employees and customers today rely on QR codes and barcodes to function efficiently.

An app with a code scanner helps businesses improve their productivity tremendously compared to conventional Google Forms that do not support this feature. Try out Clappia’s code scanner block and other data input blocks to gather data to make instant decisions about your business.

It's time to build mobile apps similar to Google Forms, but superior.

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