Google Forms Alternative with Approval Workflow - Clappia

Google Forms Alternative with Approval Workflow - Clappia

Google Forms is undoubtedly one of the most popular productivity and marketing tools. It allows users to create, update, and share forms, surveys, and quizzes collaboratively. Despite its numerous capabilities, using Google Forms as your primary option might limit your potential as it does not support sophisticated features. 

Approval flows play a crucial role in organizations, ensuring that critical decisions are made efficiently and with proper oversight.

Here in Clappia, you can define multiple levels of approvals, set up automatic notifications and reminders, and track the status of each approval request. Approvers can review and respond to requests through notifications, making the process convenient and efficient. Overall, Clappia serves as an alternative to Google Forms by providing a more comprehensive solution for approvals and form-based workflows. It offers flexibility, customisation options, and integration capabilities to meet your specific requirements. This smooth approach lets you make informed business decisions quickly.

How to Integrate Approval Workflows into Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first step is to sign up for a free account with Clappia and create your Workplace. You can create and manage many apps within one workplace and then develop your app’s interface using the drag and drop blocks available without needing to write a single line of code.

Once the design of the app is completed, there are a few steps for additional configuration. You can add workflows to your apps to automate your business’s process flow into the apps.

With the Approval workflow, you can easily set up notifications to multiple users to approve or even reject submissions sent in from an app and you can also have a multi level approval flow set up. Based on the approval or rejection of a submission, you can then trigger further automation rules for your app.

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Use Case Example: Marketing Activity Tracker

Scenario: An organization plans their marketing activities for different locations for weekly or monthly events. These activities must be approved by multi level approvers for a go ahead on the proposal.

In the Clappia workplace, create an app with the desired drag and drop features to capture the right information needed. You can configure these blocks to cater your exact data requirements.

Add Statuses for the submissions. Any time a submission is made in an app, you can allow status to be changed for a submission. Under Configuration in ‘Design App’, simply configure the ‘Status’ option by adding multiple statuses such as L1 approved, L1 rejected, L2 approved, L2 rejected, etc.

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Set up the approval flow automatically. Under the workflows tab, you get multiple options for setting up your process flow into your app. Here you can use the Approval node and configure it to send it multiple people for approval.

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You can also allow which statuses they can select. This is crucial if you have multi-level approvers. For example, if there are L1 & L2 managers, you can set only L1 approval and rejection statuses for the L1 Manager. Once they have approved, then the L2 managers will get notified and only see the L2 approval and rejection.

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To check for whether the L1 manager has approved, you can use the ‘IF’ node after the Approval node to check whether a submission is approved or rejected and based on the status, when you add another Approval node, you can trigger notification for the L2 manager.

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Appropriate user permissions must be granted to the users who will be approvers. To do this go to the ‘Distribute’ option under the Design App and select ‘User Access. Here you can give reviewer access or other relevant permissions access for your application.

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Approval notifications are received in the mail boxes of those email ids listed in the approval node. A link will be provided for them which will redirect them to the submission they need to approve.

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Final Thoughts

While Google Forms can help you to build simple forms, we at Clappia help organisations to maximize the automation potential of their internal business processes by leveraging the capabilities of our no-code platform.

Introduce efficiency to your apps by utilizing the approval workflow feature and empower your organization to streamline approval processes efficiently. Clappia offers the flexibility and robustness needed to ensure smooth operations. So say goodbye to limitations and embrace Clappia as your go-to alternative for approval workflows.

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Does Google Forms support approval workflows like Clappia?

Google Forms does not natively support approval workflows. However, Clappia offers a robust approval workflow feature that allows you to define multiple levels of approvals, set up automatic notifications and reminders, and track the status of each approval request seamlessly. With Clappia, you can streamline your approval processes efficiently, making informed business decisions quickly.

Can Google Forms generate unique IDs ?

Google Forms does not have native functionality to generate unique IDs. However, Clappia offers the capability to generate unique IDs automatically for each form submission. With Clappia, you can easily create custom workflows that include unique ID generation, enabling efficient data management and organization.

Is it Possible to Add Attachments in Google Forms like Clappia?

Google Forms lacks native support for attaching files or documents directly within the form. In contrast, Clappia offers a convenient solution for adding attachments to forms seamlessly. With Clappia, you can enable users to upload attachments, such as images, documents, or videos, directly within the form submission process. This feature enhances data collection capabilities and allows for more comprehensive information gathering.

Can Google Forms handle multi-level approval workflows?

No, Google Forms does not support multi-level approval workflows. However, Clappia enables you to configure multi-level approval flows easily. With Clappia, you can define hierarchical approval processes, specify approvers at different levels, and automate the flow of approval requests seamlessly, ensuring proper oversight and compliance with organizational policies.

Can Google Forms Pull Data from Excel similar to Clappia?

Google Forms does not provide native functionality to pull data directly from Excel spreadsheets. However, Clappia offers robust integration capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly import data from Excel into your forms and applications. With Clappia, you can effortlessly connect your forms to Excel spreadsheets, enabling automatic data retrieval and synchronization. This integration streamlines data entry processes and ensures data accuracy across platforms.

Is Clappia GDPR compliant for managing approval workflows and sensitive data?

Yes, Clappia is GDPR compliant and provides robust data privacy and security measures for managing approval workflows and sensitive data. Clappia ensures compliance with data protection regulations, including GDPR, by implementing encryption, access controls, and audit trails, safeguarding your data throughout the approval process.

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Google Forms Alternative with Approval Workflow - Clappia