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In this blog, we will explore how Clappia's Live Tracking block simplifies real-time location tracking and visualization, benefiting industries such as site visits, logistics tracking, and more.

The Challenge

Managing employees' whereabouts efficiently, especially during client visits, field operations, or logistics tasks, can be complex and time-consuming. Traditional tracking methods may not provide real-time data and fail to optimize resource allocation and decision-making.

The Solution

Clappia's Live Tracking block empowers businesses to overcome location tracking challenges effortlessly. By creating a customized app, organizations can easily capture and visualize real-time location data, ensuring enhanced productivity and better resource management.

How It Works

Let's consider a real-life use case of an organization that frequently conducts client visits. The HR team creates a "Client Visit" app on Clappia to track their employees' real-time locations during these visits.

Step-by-Step Process

  • App Design: The HR team designs the "Client Visit" app on Clappia, capturing essential details such as employee names, email IDs, customer names, email IDs, visitation dates, visitation type (individual or business), and visit details.
Employee Tracking With Live Tracking gps
  • Live Tracking Integration: To enable live tracking, the HR team adds the "Live Tracking" block to the app, allowing employees to start real-time location sharing when required.
Employee Tracking With Live Tracking gps
  • Conditional Display: The team sets conditions so that the live tracking option appears only when the visitation type is marked as "Business Meeting," ensuring efficient tracking for specific scenarios.
Employee Tracking With Live Tracking gps
  • Mobile App Usage: Employees access the Clappia app on their Android devices, selecting the appropriate visitation type and initiating live tracking during business meetings.
Employee Tracking With Live Tracking gps
  • Real-Time Tracking: As the employee proceeds with the visit, the app continuously records and visualizes their journey, including start and end points, distance covered, and time taken.
Employee Tracking With Live Tracking gps
  • Offline Mode Support: Even in areas with limited internet connectivity, the app stores live tracking data and automatically updates it once the connection is restored.
Employee Tracking With Live Tracking gps

Benefits and Use Cases

  1. Real-Time Visibility: Clappia's Live Tracking provides managers with real-time insights into employees' locations, ensuring better resource coordination and optimized task allocation.
  2. Enhanced Customer Service: Industries like logistics and field services can leverage live tracking to provide customers with accurate delivery or service arrival times.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Efficient employee tracking helps organizations improve operational efficiency, reduce delays, and respond promptly to unforeseen circumstances.

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Clappia's Live Tracking feature empowers businesses with a seamless and reliable solution for real-time employee location tracking. Whether it's client visits, logistics, or field operations, this feature enables organizations to optimize resource management and enhance overall productivity.

Ready to streamline employee tracking in your organization? Create a customized app with Clappia's Live Tracking block today!


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