Streamlining Currency Conversion with Clappia

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August 2, 2023
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In today's fast-paced global economy, businesses often deal with multiple currencies, and accurate currency conversion is crucial for financial operations.

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In this blog, we will explore how Clappia's "Get Data from REST APIs" block allows businesses to fetch real-time exchange rates of currencies and integrate them into their existing Clappia apps.

Use Case Scenario: Currency Converter App

Imagine you run a multinational company that conducts transactions in various currencies. Your finance team needs a simple and efficient way to convert currency values on the go. You decide to create a currency converter app using Clappia, which will enable your team to get real-time exchange rates from an external source and perform quick conversions.

Step 1: Setting Up the Currency Converter App

You start by logging into Clappia and creating a new app named "Currency Converter." Within the app, you add a section called "Exchange Rate," where the exchange rate data will be displayed.

Step 2: Configuring the "Get Data from REST APIs" Block

Next, you use the "Get Data from REST APIs" block available in Clappia. This powerful feature allows you to pull information from external sources that support REST APIs. In this case, you find a website that provides real-time exchange rates for different currencies.

To configure the block, you provide the server URL and API key obtained from the website. You select the method type as "GET" since the API uses this method. Additionally, you specify the fields you want to fetch from the API response, such as the exchange rates for specific currencies (e.g., USD to AUD, USD to EUR).

Step 3: Displaying Exchange Rates

Once the block is configured, the exchange rates are automatically fetched and displayed in your app's "Exchange Rate" section. You can see the rates for different currencies, enabling your finance team to perform quick currency conversions within the app.

Step 4: Mobile App Compatibility

The currency converter app is also accessible on mobile devices through the Clappia app available on Play Store and App Store. This allows your team to access the app on-the-go, making currency conversions even more convenient.

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By using Clappia's "Get Data from REST APIs" block, you have successfully created a currency converter app that provides real-time exchange rates for different currencies. Your finance team can now streamline currency conversions and make accurate financial decisions, even in a fast-paced global business environment.

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