What is Field force Management Software? and How to Build it?

What is Field force Management Software? and How to Build it?

Suhas Bangalore
May 4, 2022
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Field Force Management

Field Force Management

Every business, a company or an organization has an organized service structure that maximizes productivity and quality of field service. Field Force Management is that aspect of the workforce management where a business professional has to manage a staff of sales force who are selling products to customers face-to-face, collecting information by getting forms filled by consumers etc, who are doing their jobs out on the field.

Why Infuse Field Force Management into No-code Platforms?

Field Force Management

If, the Field Force Management is not infused into No-code platform, then:

  • Managing a huge workforce of field experts/technicians spread in different locations or across various countries by calls, emails and getting daily manual reports is a complex process.
  • Global nature of such operations makes it difficult to track performance in real-time.
  • Extracting data from a multitude of systems of multiple processes will be time consuming.

The fine blend of Field Force Management and No-code platform helps businesses in managing the operations, workflows and data processing in a streamlined manner that improves productivity and the quality of service.

Clappia, your No-code platform, will help the Field Force Management of your business, your company or your organization get streamlined for improved productivity and enhanced quality of service.

Clappia: No-code Platform

Field Force Management

Clappia is a No-code application development platform that allows business owners or anyone in the organization with basic excel skills to build powerful business process applications.

Without coding even a single line and just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks, enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection applications can be built for numerous use cases with various features to manage your operations.

Field Force Management Solutions in Clappia

Field force management process apps can be easily built in Clappia and quickly deployed for the field employees.

  1. Field Sales Tracker
  2. Geofenced Attendance
  3. QR Code/Barcode Attendance
  4. Marketing Activity Tracker
  5. Visitor Management solution
  6. Visitor Book & Visit Report
  7. IT Ticketing solution
  8. Issue Tracker

Along with the above, we have already built a few apps for field force management for your business. Use them for absolutely free, here

Let us consider the following category of solutions for field force management that are necessary for any organization:
  • Ticket Management
  • Service visits
  • Field force Attendance
  • Market Activity Tracker

Now, let us discuss briefly by considering a few use cases and corresponding app templates for each category of solutions that are already built in Clappia’s app template library.

  1. Ticket Management
Field Force Management- ticket management

Ticket Management is a subset of Field Force Management which manages tracking and resolving the issues faced by the user. Whenever any user wants to request anything, gets stuck somewhere or faces any difficulty, the user files a request for help or raises a ‘Ticket’ and gets it resolved.

Clappia’s sample app templates for Ticket Management use cases:

  • IT Ticketing Solution

This app allows the app users to generate tickets for any fault and after the team has provided a solution, an automated process triggers automated email and mobile notifications to the user upon opening and closing of the ticket.

  • Automobile Service Management

This app is used to manage service tickets of customer requests for a bike/car in sync with technicians and accounts department employees. Additionally, this app can also be used to generate and send the customers an invoice with payment links on email.

  1. Service Visits
Field Force Management

Service Visit is also a Field Force and probably the most common in organizations. It is the process of keeping track of an employee's site visit data, generally based on location and other sales parameters. 

Clappia’s sample app templates for Service Visit use cases:

  • Field Sales Tracker

This app is used by salespeople visiting multiple locations to generate orders that can be processed by internal employees on shipping and delivery. Customer receives pdf of invoice by mail. Analytics allows admins to examine sales parameters and make changes as needed to the procedure. 

  • Visitor Management Solution

Authorities at the gate will record visitor’s information and choose the official who the visitor is visiting. Official gets an acknowledgement and upon approval the visitor will get a gate pass with a QR code. Visitors can check-in, visit the official, check-out when leaving the premises. Visitors will also get a thank you email.

  1. Field Force Attendance
Field Force Management

Field Force Attendance is nothing but the attendance of field employees on location visits. The admins have access to the log app through which they can view daily logs and receive automated monthly reports on email.

Clappia sample app templates for Field Force Attendance use cases:

  • Geo-fenced Attendance

This app allows the employees on site visit to be able to mark their respective attendances if and only if they are present at the designated location within the range of specified meters.

  • QR-Based Attendance Solution

This app allows the employees to use the mobile app to mark their daily attendance by scanning their ID. 

  1. Market Activity Tracker
Field Force Management

Market Activity Tracker is a part of Field Force Management that manages market activities for products and collects data based on a simple Q&A.

Clappia app templates for Market Activity Tracker use cases:

  • Marketing Activity Tracker

This app smoothens the process of managing marketing activities like location, products sold, most products sold, are etc.

  • Project Activity Tracker

This app allows the project managers to assign activities to employees and keep track of their progress. Status of their tasks can be changed and notifications will be sent after change. Analytics helps in real-time tracking and automated reminders ensure that you are reminded about the task until it is completed.

Field Force Management Automation in Clappia

Clappia’s stack of productive features are beneficial for businesses to automate the field force management process of your business. The features mentioned below for the field force management processes will show you how automation works for your business in Clappia.

  1. GPS location with Geofencing - The field employee has to go to the mentioned GPS location but the data can be submitted if and only if the employee is within the specified range of the GPS location which is called Geofencing.
Field Force Management

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Field Sales Tracker
  • Geofenced Attendance

  1. Camera uploads - Field employees can click the pictures when visiting a site and upload them instantly in the app. App Admin can enable watermarks that can also be added to the picture as well which are useful for geolocation-tagging, timestamp-tagging of uploaded photos or any other text like customer name, site name etc.
13Field Force Management13

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Field Sales Tracker
  • Visitor Book & Visit Report
  • IT Ticketing solution

  1. QR code/Barcode scanner - Field employees can get their ID scanned for attendance and ID’s for visitors can also be generated and scanned.
Field Force Management

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • QR Based Attendance
  • Visitor Book & Visit Report

  1. Validation -  Employees cannot enter the same data more than once which prevents duplication of data.
Field Force Management

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Field Sales Tracker
  • Visitor Book & Visit Report
  • Issue Tracker

  1. Signature - Field Employees can take customer signature on the order form in the app itself and then put down their signature and send the data upto the manager.
Field Force Management

Examples of practical use case in App:

  • Field Sales Tracker
  • Visitor Book & Visit Report

  1. Real-time Analytics & Automated Reports - From employee location to customer order data and every process in between view real-time analytics and print or download automated reports
Field Force Management
  1. Integrations - SMS, Whatsapp and others* - Clappia also has support for SMS and WhatsApp notifications whenever field employees submit the data customers will be notified about their order. 
13Field Force Management38

  1. Offline submission in app - This is one of the most convenient features which helps the users to use the app without losing data. Use the app without internet connections and make submissions. When the internet is connected later the submissions are recorded automatically.
Field Force Management


Field Force Management

When it comes to field force management, customer service is a top priority, and field employees must actively contribute to customer service. That is where Clappia, your No Code platform enters in. It automates all the operations of field force management resulting in higher field force efficiency and better customer service.

No Code is the future of application development, and integrating field force management operational processes into Clappia is nothing short of future proofing your company.

There will be no other option in the near future, thus enterprises should make the switch to No Code application development as soon as possible.

Use all sample app templates for various use cases of Field Force Management in Clappia for free - Clappia App Template Library


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