How to Setup Custom WhatsApp Messages Automated for Business Process in Clappia?

Use Case
August 30, 2022
4 minutes read

As a workplace admin in Clappia, you can easily set up automation to send customised WhatsApp messages to your customers, vendors or for any business purpose when they are interested in your business. For instance, you can send your customers a series of WhatsApp messages when they place an order, such as, ‘Your order with the ID xxxx is confirmed’, ‘Your order has been dispatched’, ‘Your order has been delivered’, etc., and so on.

Clappia - No Code Platform for Business Apps (Mobile & Web)

Clappia is a No Code platform where anyone with basic excel skills will be able to build complex business process apps without writing a single line of code.

With a stack of productive features in the form of drag-and-drop blocks such as GPS Location, Live Tracking, Electronic Signature, QR/Barcode Scanner, Live Camera Uploads, GET Data from other apps, Validation to prevent duplication of data, Connected Dropdowns etc, Clappia is one of the best No Code platforms to easily build complex business process apps.

Automated WhatsApp Messages in Clappia

WhatsApp messages can be efficiently automated in Clappia mobile apps by easily configuring the in-built WhatsApp workflow node. Below is the list of currently available WhatsApp message templates in Clappia:

  1. Template name: submission_update

Your submission was successfully saved with submission ID - {{submissionId}}. Let us know if you have any queries.

Use case:

Whenever any user creates a submission, a WhatsApp message will be automatically sent to the user along with the submission ID.

  1. Template name: audit_submission

Hi {{user}},

Please find the Audit Report details below:

Audit No: {{auditNo}}

Date of Audit: {{dateOfAudit}}

Time of Audit: {{timeOfAudit}}

Auditor: {{auditor}}

Click here to view the Audit details - {{link}}

Use case:

Whenever an auditor conducts an audit and submits the details of the same in Clappia mobile apps, the concerned officials will receive a WhatsApp message of the audit details.

  1. Template name: vendor_registration

Hi {{user}},

We have received your registration information for vendor collaboration with our company.

Our team will verify the information and get back to you.

You can find all the details of your registration here - {{link}}


Use case:

When a vendor wants to collaborate with your company and registers their company details in a Clappia mobile app, the vendor will receive a WhatsApp message from you notifying that the registration has been received and is under process.

Check the WhatsApp Help Guide and set up the WhatsApp workflow node easily for your Clappia mobile apps using suitable WhatsApp message templates.

You can also submit your own custom WhatsApp message templates applicable for your business and if it is relevant to your business needs then Clappia will get it approved from WhatsApp.

(Important Note: Your custom message template will be reviewed by WhatsApp and the decision to approve/reject solely rests with WhatsApp. Make sure you read the guidelines and submit your message template accordingly.)

WhatsApp Message Templates Guidelines

Once your custom WhatsApp message template is approved, Clappia will publish the template in the WhatsApp workflow node. You can then use them in your Clappia mobile apps and send your custom WhatsApp message to your users, customers, vendors etc., as per your business processes.

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