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You can use Clappia to create custom calculators for different purposes. For example, you can create calculators for price estimation, EMI estimation, premium estimation etc. Here are a few reasons why Clappia should be your first choice for creating a calculator app.

  1. Fully customizable: You can customize each and every field to create a calculator app of your choice.
  2. Mobile app: All Clappia apps can be accessed on mobile as well. So your employees can access calculators on the go.
  3. Spreadsheet formula support: All calculators can be created without coding. You just need to write formulae just like you write Spreadsheet formulae.
  4. Logic: Since we use the Spreadsheet library, you can add IF/ELSE/SIGMA logic to your formula as well.
  5. Master data access: You can also set a fixed pricing master app from which certain numbers are pulled. For example, you can set different pricing for your different plans and this pricing can be pulled into another calculator app. This calculator app can do further custom calculations based on user inputs.
  6. Offline access: These calculators can be accessed without internet on the mobile.  


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