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In this blog post, we will explore how you can leverage the "Multiple Sections" feature in Clappia apps to efficiently capture and manage various types of data. By the end of this blog, you'll have a clear understanding of how to add, configure, and use multiple sections to enhance productivity.

Why Use Multiple Sections?

Imagine having a single app that can efficiently capture all the information you need for different aspects of your business operations. With Clappia's "Multiple Sections," you can easily divide your app into various segments, each dedicated to collecting specific data.

How to Create an App with Multiple Sections

  • Creating the App: To begin, click on "New App" in your Clappia workplace. Name your app to set the context for the information you'll be collecting.
business operations
business operations

  • Adding Sections: Once your app is created, click on "Add Section" to start building the structure of your app. Give each section a descriptive name, such as "Store Details" or "Product Information," to indicate the data it will capture.
business operations
  • Configuring Fields: Within each section, click on "Add Field" to define the type of data you want to collect. Clappia offers various pre-built blocks to capture different information, from text and numbers to images and GPS locations.
business operations
  • Subsections: If you need further organization, you can create subsections within sections. These nested subsections are perfect for keeping data tidy and well-structured.
business operations
  • Copyable Sections: Streamline data entry by enabling the "Allow Section to be Copied During Submission" option. This lets you create multiple copies of a section to capture similar data with ease.
business operations
  • Dynamic Display: To show or hide specific sections based on certain conditions, use the "Display This Section If" feature. For instance, you can display a "Delivery Information" section only when a customer selects "Yes" for "Delivery Needed."
business operations

Real-Life Use Case: Billing Information App

Consider a real-life use case where you manage billing information for your business. You want to track store details, products purchased, purchase summaries, and delivery information for each order.

  1. Store Details: Begin by creating a section for "Store Details," where you can input information like store name, location, and contact details.
  2. Products Purchased: Next, add another section called "Products Purchased" to capture details about each product, including its name, quantity, and price.
  3. Purchase Summary: In a separate section named "Purchase Summary," use formulas to automatically calculate the total quantity of products and the overall cost based on the individual product purchases.
  4. Delivery Information: Finally, create a section for "Delivery Information" that appears only if the customer indicates a need for delivery.

Mobile App Compatibility

Clappia apps work seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing you and your team to access and use the apps on the go. Simply download the Clappia app from Play Store or App Store, and you're all set.


By using the "Multiple Sections" feature in Clappia apps, you can streamline your business operations, save time, and ensure that all essential information is accurately captured and organized. Now that you've learned how to build an app with multiple sections, you can start optimizing your processes with ease!

Build custom apps for all your process needs. Whether it's tracking sales, managing inventory, or streamlining customer support, Clappia's versatile app-building platform has got you covered. Simplify your business workflows and boost productivity now!


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