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Use Case
February 23, 2019

Generating offer letters for your candidates is an error-prone task. Here is how can Clappia help you generate an error-free offer letter within a few clicks.

  1. Customizable form: You can create a form to add variable fields like name, contact details, salary details etc. This ensures you don’t make the mistake of forgetting any field.
  2. Customizable doc format: You need to attach a document with all the headers, footers, logo and other fixed contents. The fields from the form mentioned in point 1 are merged with this document to generate the final document.
  3. Calculations: You can just add the CTC of a candidate and then all the breakup calculations are automatically done.
  4. Logic: You can even add logic to your offer letter generating app. For example, you can have separate structures for interns, contractors, and employees.
  5. Generate PDFs and email: You can manually generate PDFs or we can add workflows so that these documents are sent automatically to your candidates.
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