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With the help of no code platforms like Clappia, you can avoid problems that usually come with traditional methods of inventory management. Time consuming tasks like manual entries, reports and follow ups require effort and resources which can be reduced when automated for efficiency and drive profitability.

How can you optimize your inventory?

Monitor inventory levels: You can be alerted via emails or notifications on external platforms automatically when inventory levels are running low or if there is excessive inventory. This reduces manual labour of physically checking stock and time wastage.

Managing Stock: Know how much inventory your business has at any given time and where they are located through a single platform.

Track Inventory: Know when new stock arrives and keep track of logistics whereabouts so as to prevent excess stock and unnecessary orders.

Identify trends: Analyze through live dashboards which product is in demand to drive profits. These dashboards automatically change with respect to changes in inventory.

Generating Reports: Reduce paperwork by automatically generating reports and sending them to relevant stakeholders on a timely basis to track inventory management.

How can Clappia help?

With a wide range of features offered, you can take advantage of Clappia’s platform to tailor your inventory management apps just the way you need it to be:

Code Scanner: Clappia enables you to scan QR Codes or Barcodes of items with just the use of your smartphone, removing the need for manual entry or even use of additional external devices for scanning. This helps in speed, reduce inaccuracies and cost of purchasing scanning devices.

GPS Location: Manage inventory at any time even from multiple site locations. This feature in Clappia provides you with a map view that can display your inventory location, complete with its address and GPS coordinates.

Address: Maintain a database of inventory locations in case your business has multiple sites locations. Employees can pull up the location information of products whenever they need.

Calculations: Keep track of stock levels by having your inventory app automatically calculate it whenever there is an addition or removal of an item. You can also maintain the cost of individual products or amount earned.

Live Tracking: Keep track of logistics for incoming and outgoing inventory by seeing the exact location on map view during transit. Monitor the path of travel from the start point and the end point along with the distance.

Images: Attach images, videos or even other file documents associated with your inventory. Clappia also provides you with the option for live camera uploads.

Emails: Set up your app to get notified via email automatically when inventory levels are low, when incoming stock arrives or if there are any discrepancies in the inventory process.

Approvals: Multi-level approvals can create bottlenecks, which is why having notifications sent automatically to relevant departments or stakeholders eases the inventory process. You can also get notifications when approvals are done and trigger the next actionable flow in your inventory control system.

Live Dashboards: Set up charts for analysis to see inventory practices being maintained, which product is doing better in the market and improve productivity.

Offline Mode: Not only can you create an efficient inventory control system with Clappia quickly and easily, the platform also automatically converts your apps into mobile apps, meaning your inventory control is at your fingertips wherever you are and you can upload data in case of no internet connection. Data gets synced automatically when connection is back.

Here is a simple help guide on how you can create your own custom inventory control app:

Benefits of using Clappia for inventory control

Clappia simplifies inventory control with a user-friendly interface for getting real-time inventory data. Its customization, automation, and offline capabilities empower businesses to optimize their inventory management effortlessly:

  • Easy to use: With Clappia you don’t need any coding knowledge to build your inventory management apps. Use the simple drag and drop features to build your app.
  • Singular Platform: Build multiple inventory related apps under one platform that is Clappia, and you can interconnect them for effective inventory control.
  • Cost-effective: Clappia is a cost-effective way to create an inventory control app with no hidden fees.
  • Scalable: Clappia is a scalable platform. So as your business grows, so does the platform's capabilities of handling your business needs.

Clappia: Your Inventory Control Solution 

In conclusion, by adopting Clappia for your inventory management needs, you gain a powerful tool that not only simplifies the complexities that follow an inventory management system but also helps you to optimize, strategize, and grow your business.

Let Clappia help you in customizing your inventory control system and take advantage of the features offered to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

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