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Vendor management solutions are a key element of every business. If you're an organization leader, you have to have a proactive approach to managing vendors. Your time is limited and that's why you cannot spare time for manual vendor management processes. This can be a tedious and downright annoying process if done manually.

The absence of an automated system for managing vendors is often misdiagnosed as a lack of time management, but the real reason might just be that no organization has automation in place. In this article, we will show the automated vendor management solutions through No Code mobile apps in Clappia for your business.

What is Vendor Management Automation?

Vendor management automation is the process of automating vendor management tasks, such as vendor selection, contract management, performance tracking, and payment processing, through the use of technology and software. Automating vendor management helps organizations to optimize their vendor relationships, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risks associated with vendor management.

Why you should use Vendor Management Automation?

Automating vendor management can provide several benefits to organizations, including:

  1. Increased efficiency: Automating vendor management tasks frees up time and resources, allowing organizations to focus on core business activities and improving overall efficiency.
  2. Improved compliance: Vendor management automation ensures that vendors meet certain criteria, helping organizations to comply with regulations and standards such as data privacy laws and industry-specific requirements.
  3. Better vendor relationships: Vendor management automation provides transparency, accountability, and communication throughout the vendor lifecycle, leading to more positive vendor relationships.

Clappia - No Code Platform

Clappia is a No Code platform to create business-process apps without coding. Anyone with basic excel skills can automate complex business processes by building efficient mobile apps without writing even a single line of code.

Vendor Management App
Clappia - Data Blocks

Vendor management has emerged as a top priority for enterprises looking to grow their businesses. As a result, auditing and managing vendors has become a critical part of an organization's day-to-day operations. Automated Vendor Management solutions through No Code Mobile Apps in Clappia can help your organization achieve its goals with much less effort and cost than otherwise needed.

Vendor Management Automation in Clappia

Let us consider a bundle of mobile apps for Vendor Management already built and available to use on the Clappia App Marketplace:

1.   Vendor registration - This app is used to register a vendor for your business by entering the vendor details such as type of business, works contract rate, reverse charge mechanism under GST, cancelled cheque with name enclosed, GST registration copy available, GST copy not available.

2.   Vendor Bank Details - This app is used to record the bank details of the vendor.

3.   Vendor Evaluation - This app is used to evaluate the vendor by verifying each and every detail, and document provided by the vendor and approving the vendor on the discussed agreements by providing necessary information.

4.   Vendor Payment - This app is used to generate invoices for payments received as well as send payment reminders for vendors.

Automation Flow of Vendor Management in Clappia

1.   Vendor Registration - Enter all the business details (basic to important details) of the vendor and upload supporting documents wherever necessary in this app. It consists of 6 sections:

    a.  Vendor Details (Enter business details from the name, address, phone number, and email address, to bank details to type of business and other important details)

13Vendor Management App
Vendor Management App
13Vendor Management App
Vendor Management App

(Hack: You can get all these details from your existing systems through Clappia’s GET Data from REST APIs block. Learn more.)

   b.  In case of Proprietorship/Partnership (Upload AADHAR and PAN cards)

Vendor Management App

c.  Works contract rate (Mention the %)

Vendor Management App

    d.  Reverse charge mechanism under GST (Mention the %)

13Vendor Management App

    e. Cancelled Cheque with name enclosed (Upload a photo of a cancelled cheque with name)

Vendor Management App

    f.  GST Registration copy available (Upload the GSTN Registration copy enclosed)

GST Registration

    g.  GST copy not available (Upload certification from the vendor if GSTN not applicable)

Automated Vendor Management App

Note: Only the Vendor Details sections will be visible. The other sections will open up if they are applicable as the vendor selects the options in the vendor details sections.

For instance, If the vendor selects GST available as ‘Yes’ then ‘GST Registration copy available’ section will open up or If the vendor selects GST available as ‘No’ then ‘GST copy not available’ section will open up.

2.   Vendor Bank Details - Enter the bank details of all the vendors one by one.

Automated Vendor Management App
Automated Vendor Management App

3.   Vendor Evaluation - Evaluate the vendor by verifying each and every detail, and document provided by the vendor through checklists and approving the vendor on the discussed agreements by providing necessary information.

This app consists of 2 sections namely Vendor Details and Evaluation.

13Vendor Management App
Vendor Management App

Section 1 - Vendor Details

The ‘Select Vendor’ list is fetched from the Vendor Registration app. Select a vendor from the list of vendors and other details are automatically fetched: Unique ID, Full Name, Contact Person name.

13Vendor Management App

Section 2 - Evaluation

Note: The evaluation section opens up only when the vendor details section is filled.

Vendor Management App
Vendor Management App

Verify the information provided by the vendor, enter suitable terms and select Yes or No for all the checks mentioned in the evaluation section.

For example:

Vendor Code

Item/service to be supplied

MSME/Non-MSME declaration attached - Yes/No

PAN Copy enclosed - Yes/No

Bank Account type verified - Yes/No

Payment Terms

Delivery Norms

Justification for recommending the vendor

4.  Vendor Payment - Select the vendor and generate the invoice for payments made. You can also send a notification of the next payment date.

The vendor payment app consists of two sections namely Vendor Details and Payment Details.

Section 1 - Vendor Details

Select a vendor and other fields pertaining to the vendor are fetched automatically, such as unique ID, full name, address, mobile number, email address, and contact person name.

Vendor Management App

Section 2 - Payment Details

Enter the following payment details:

Payment Date - It is set to automatically select the current date

Amount Paid - The amount paid by the vendor

Purpose of Payment - Reason for payment

Outstanding Balance, if any - Enter the pending amount if any.

Remarks - Input any comments

Next Payment Date - Select the date for the next payment to be made by the vendor

Vendor Management App

Clappia Mobile Apps work in Offline mode

Vendor onboarding is a very critical and important process in vendor management. To ensure efficient solutions to onboard vendors or any vendor management process, Clappia mobile apps can work in offline mode as well. Even without an internet connection you can fill the vendor details and submit the same. Once there is a proper internet connection the data gets synced automatically.

Use these apps and automate the Vendor Management process of your business - Clappia App Marketplace

Customize all the mobile apps in the Clappia App Marketplace suitable to your business needs and try them out for free.

Benefits of Vendor Management Automation

The benefits of automating vendor management include:

  1. Cost savings: Automating vendor management tasks reduces manual labor, saving organizations time and costs associated with vendor management.
  2. Improved vendor performance: Automating vendor management helps organizations to track and analyze vendor performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and incentivize vendors to perform better.
  3. Enhanced risk management: Automating vendor management helps organizations to identify and mitigate risks associated with vendor relationships, such as cybersecurity risks, compliance risks, or operational risks.
  4. Increased transparency: Automating vendor management provides greater visibility into vendor relationships, including contract terms, service level agreements, and performance metrics, helping organizations to make informed decisions about vendor selection and management. Adopting vendor management automation can lead to more efficient and effective vendor management practices, resulting in better overall organizational performance.


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