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In this blog, we're diving into the magic of nested drop-downs, also known as dependent drop-downs, which can streamline your data collection process and make your app users' lives much easier.

The Power of Nested Drop-Downs

Nested drop-downs allow you to create a hierarchy of choices in your app's fields, where the options in one drop-down change dynamically based on the selection in another. Think of it like a smart form that adapts to user input, minimizing errors and saving precious time.

Real-Life Use Case: Site Inspection App

Imagine you're in charge of a site inspection team, and you need to gather detailed information about each inspection. You've created an app to capture this data, but you want to enhance it by adding the area and site location for every inspection. With nested drop-downs, you can easily achieve this.

Step-by-Step Configuration

  • Design Your App: First, design your app in Clappia. Create the necessary fields and labels for the data you want to capture.
Site Inspection App
  • Add Drop-Down Fields: Add drop-down fields one for "Area" and another for "Site." Configure the options for the "Area" field, listing the areas you want users to choose from.
Site Inspection App
  • Set Up Dependency: Now comes the exciting part – setting up the dependency between the drop-down fields. In the "Site" drop-down's advanced settings, enable "Level 1 Dependency" and link it to the "Area" field. This ensures that the site options change based on the selected area.
Site Inspection App
  • Display Conditions: You can also apply display conditions to the fields. For instance, if you have a field named "Type" that has options to select either on-site or offsite, you might want the "Area" and "Site" fields to appear. Implementing these conditions is a breeze with Clappia's intuitive interface.
Site Inspection App
  • Mobile Accessibility: Good news – your nested drop-downs work flawlessly on Clappia's mobile app too! No extra configuration needed. Users can access the app on their mobile devices and enjoy the same dynamic drop-down experience.
Site Inspection App


Nested drop-downs offer several benefits:

  • Error Reduction: Users won't be overwhelmed by unnecessary choices, reducing the likelihood of selecting the wrong option.
  • Efficiency: The dynamic nature of nested drop-downs speeds up data entry by showing relevant options only.
  • Consistency: Ensure data consistency across submissions by providing standardized choices.
  • Easy Configuration: With Clappia's user-friendly interface, setting up nested drop-downs is a breeze.

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Empower Your Data Collection with Clappia

Ready to revolutionize your data collection process? Clappia makes it easy to implement nested drop-downs, making your apps more intuitive and efficient. Whether you're managing site inspections or any other data-driven process, Clappia's tools have got you covered.

Check out the video tutorial below for a visual guide on setting up nested drop-downs in Clappia:

Sign up on Clappia, and start building apps tailored to your unique process needs. With nested drop-downs and a host of other features, Clappia empowers you to create efficient and user-friendly apps without any coding skills. Streamline your data collection and make your processes smoother than ever!


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