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February 23, 2019
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What is Dynamic Document Generation?

Dynamic document generation refers to the process of creating customizable and adaptable digital documents using specific software tools or services. The content, format, and structure of these documents can be automatically altered and customized based on predefined rules and data inputs.

This system leverages data stored in various databases, spreadsheets, or other sources to automatically fill in predefined templates, thereby generating unique documents as per individual needs. The process is often used for producing invoices, contracts, business reports, personalized emails, insurance policies, and other types of documents where data-driven customization is necessary.

Key features of dynamic document generation can include:

  1. Data Integration: These tools can pull data from various sources like databases, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, or other business applications.
  2. Template Design: Users can design document templates with placeholders for dynamic content. The software then automatically populates these placeholders with the relevant data when generating each document.
  3. Automation: Document generation can be triggered automatically based on specific events or conditions, thereby streamlining and accelerating business processes.
  4. Customization: You can tailor not just the data, but also the format, language, and style of the document based on predefined rules, resulting in highly personalized documents.

The use of dynamic document generation can drastically improve the efficiency of business processes that involve repetitive document creation. It reduces the potential for human error, increases consistency, and can provide significant time and cost savings. Moreover, the ability to create highly personalized and accurate documents can enhance communication and customer service quality in customer-facing scenarios.

Your business processes require document generation like never before. Offer letters, invoices, bills, work orders, certificates etc. are some of the examples where you need to create documents with variable contents but fixed formats. Here are the reasons why you should be using Clappia as a document creation tool.

Clappia as document creator
  1. Zero code: Anyone with zero coding skill can setup Clappia a custom document creation system. Simply create a form, upload a file with headers, footers, and fixed contents, add appropriate variable names to your document and upload. For each submission in your form, the system replaces the variables of your document with the dynamic values from the form submission.
  2. Calculation: Clappia supports all kinds of arithmetic operations and even logical operations like IF/ELSE. Basic know-how of Excel is sufficient to add arithmetic operations and IF/ELSE logic in a Clappia app. You can generate a document with final calculated values based on whatever selection the user has made.
  3. Multiple sections: You can add more sections of the same type and generate the document accordingly.
  4. Auto-email: We can set up workflows for you so that the generated document can be sent via email.


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