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Welcome to Clappia! In this blog post, we'll explore the power of workflows in Clappia and how they can revolutionize the way you manage and automate your business processes. Workflows are essential for streamlining and automating your business operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and timely execution of tasks. We'll delve into how you can use different workflow nodes available in Clappia and provide you with a real-life use case example to help you understand the concept better.

Understanding Workflows and Their Importance

Workflows are like digital flowcharts that represent the step-by-step process of completing a task or a series of tasks. In Clappia, workflows allow you to automate and orchestrate various actions, notifications, and data flows within your apps. They are particularly useful when you want to integrate your business process flow into your applications. For instance, if you're managing an inventory app and need an automated way to notify yourself when stock levels are low, workflows come to the rescue.

Real-Life Use Case: Inventory Management App

Imagine you're responsible for maintaining inventory levels of various items. You've created an inventory management app to maintain or track stock of items, but you want to receive notifications when stock is running low for specific items.

Now let’s say you have one app for simply maintaining the inventory, where you receive notifications based on stock levels and another app where employees can use, to input new stock which updates the inventory. Using workflows, you can automate these apps separately to perform tasks and interlink the apps to automatically update the inventory.

Let's walk through the process using Clappia workflows for both these apps:

1. App Creation and Structure

Inventory MIS App: First, you'll create the inventory management app from scratch on Clappia. Add sections and fields to capture item details like item code, type, brand, price, stock, and unit. This forms the base structure of your app, where you can easily modify or add fields to suit your requirements.

Automate Your Business Processes with Clappia Workflows

Stock Entry App: Next create another app, for the employees to enter incoming stock which should update the Inventory MIS app automatically. It could be for existing items in the inventory or new items not yet listed. Create identical or similar fields to that of the inventory app.

Automate Your Business Processes with Clappia Workflows

2. Workflow Configuration

Navigate to the workflows section of Clappia and set up the automation for your app. You can use various workflow nodes to achieve your desired outcomes. 

First let's explore some key nodes to be used in the Inventory MIS app:

Email Node: Configure this node to send email notifications. For example, when stock is low, you want an email notification to be sent. You can set the recipients, subject, body, and even include attachments or PDFs if needed.

Slack Node: Use this node to send notifications to Slack channels for better team communication.

MS Teams Node: Similarly, you can send notifications to Microsoft Teams channels for seamless collaboration.

Rest API Node: In case you need to connect with external platforms, use this node to push or retrieve data through APIs.

If Condition Node: Set up logical conditions to trigger actions based on specific criteria. For instance, send an email notification only if stock is less than a certain amount.

Wait Node: Introduce time-based delays in your workflows. For instance, wait for a specific duration before sending reminder emails.

Repeat Node: Create a loop to send repeated notifications or perform actions until a condition is met.

Mobile Notification Node: Send mobile notifications to app users for real-time updates. Notifications are sent through the Clappia App which can be downloaded from PlayStore or Appstore.

Now let's explore some key nodes to be used in the Stock Entry app:

Approval Node: Send approval notifications to relevant stakeholders to approve or reject submissions. For instance, certain items need to be added to the inventory only if an approval is given.

If Condition node: Use this node to check trigger further actions, for instance, to check if approvals have come through.

Edit Submission Node: Change existing data in an app. To change existing item stock levels in the inventory mis app, simply match the fields from that app to the stock entry app to edit data.

Create Submission Node: Add new data entry to an app based on certain conditions. For example, to add new items into the inventory mis app.

Real-Time Example

Suppose a submission is made for a new item with stock lower than 10 units in the Stock entry app. Clappia's workflows will kick in:

→ An approval email will be sent to the relevant stakeholders to approve adding it to the inventory.

→ Once approved, a new entry will automatically be created in the inventory.

→ Since it is low stock, an email notification is sent to notify the concerned team about the low stock level.

→ If the stock is not replenished within a set timeframe, the system sends reminder emails at regular intervals using the Repeat Node.

→ Additionally, a mobile notification can be sent to the submitter using the Mobile Notification Node, ensuring timely action.

Conclusion: Empower Your Process Automation

With Clappia's versatile workflows, you have the power to automate complex processes and ensure efficient task execution. From email and messaging notifications to automated data syncing and approvals, workflows revolutionize the way you manage your business operations. Ready to take the next step? Sign up on Clappia today and start building apps tailored to your process needs. Unlock the potential of process automation and enhance your business productivity.

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