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Data Upload Blocks

Camera, Images & Files

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This article explains the Camera, Images & Files block that can be added to design an app.

Camera, Images & Files

Use Cases

  1. Capture images using the phone camera
  2. Upload images or files from galleries/folders
  3. Upload short videos
  4. Force users to capture live photos

Editing the block

Click on the block and start editing on the panel that appears on the right side.

Camera, Images & Files


This is what appears as the label for the field that suggests the user upload a file or capture an image.

Camera, Images & Files


This is the text that goes below the attached file to help the user.


Click on this option if you want the end-user to compulsorily upload a file or capture an image.

Advanced Options

Use this option to show the advanced options to configure the camera block.

Camera, Images & Files

Maximum number of files allowed

Enable this option for your users to limit the number of uploads at a single time. The maximum files a user can upload is 10.

File Types

By default, all kinds of files are allowed to be uploaded. If you want a limited type of file, you should click on the file types that you want to allow.

Camera, Images & Files

Force Camera Capture

Tick this option if you want to force the end-users to capture images from their phone camera or web camera and not upload old photos from their galleries. For this option to work, please ensure that in the File Types option above, only Images (Camera Uploads) is selected.

Camera, Images & Files

Allow to Edit Captured Image

When this option is enabled, users can annotate photos before uploading them. They can draw annotations, markers, or custom text directly on the captured image. This enhances the functionality by allowing users to highlight specific parts of the image or add contextual information before the photo is uploaded.

Image Text (Watermarks)

This option can be used to automatically put watermark text on all the image uploads. Useful for geolocation-tagging, timestamp-tagging of uploaded photos. Any other text like Customer Name, Site Name etc can also be put on the photos.

This field works exactly like any other field that supports formulae. Just type @ to see a list of all the fields defined in the app that can be put on the images.


Put Geolocation, date of visit and site name on the photos: Ensure that these fields are defined in the app.

Camera, Images & Files

Camera, Images & Files
Image Quality

Select the type of image quality you would like your end users to upload. Low quality images have lower file sizes which might make it easier for users who have low connectivity to the internet to upload.

Display this field if

Use this if you want to show or hide a field under certain conditions. It accepts the standard Clappia Formulae, similar to conditional sections.

  1. You can type ‘@’ to get a list of all the variables in the app and select variables.
  2. Using these variables you can write Excel-like formulae.

File name prefix

Allow uploaded files to have dynamic names. For the images uploaded via Camera, Admins can choose a custom dynamic prefix. The prefix can take values from other fields in the App. This will help the Admins to segregate the files based on the prefix values.

Even in this field, you can type ‘@’ to get a list of all the variables in the app and select variables.

Camera, Images & Files

Note: Ensure that if values are to be taken from another field, that field would need to be filled in first and then take the image from the device's camera.

Camera, Images & Files

Allow value to be changed after initial submission

This option is enabled by default. End users can edit the value entered in this field after creating a submission. Disable it if you do not want the end users to edit the submitted value.

  • The Image Text field is a formula field, so it will accept only valid formulae supported by Clappia. For example, if we need to put field_one and field_two on the image, we can't write field_one field_two as this is not a valid formula. The correct value would be field_one & " " & field_two.
  • This feature now works on the web as well as on Android and iOS apps (minimum Clappia app version 2.3.5).
  • If the Image Text is dependent on a field whose value is not yet filled by the user, then that field will be replaced by an empty string in the Watermark. To avoid such scenarios, the image upload fields can be configured to show only when all dependent fields are filled. Conditional Sections can be used to achieve this.
  • It might not be possible to use Date and time fields directly in the image text. Date and time fields need to be converted to text values before they can be used. Refer to this for the usage of TEXT formula.
How many files can be uploaded at a time?

10 images/files can be uploaded per block.

Can I put custom text on the photos uploaded by users?

Of course! You can add custom text to the photos uploaded by users through the 'Image Text' feature on the File Upload Block. You can use other variables like Customer Name, Date, GPS Location etc and put them on the uploaded images.

Learn how to use this feature in the Clappia Help Guide article on <a target='_blank' href=''>Adding Custom Text to Uploaded Photos</a>.

What is the maximum number of files that can be uploaded?

You can upload a maximum of 10 files per block but up to 8000 blocks are per app. Hence, you can upload a maximum of 80000 files per submission.

Is there any limitation on the number of files that can be attached to an app?

You can upload a maximum of 10 files per block but up to 8000 blocks are per app. Hence, you can upload a maximum of 80000 files per submission. This is more than sufficient for most users.

Can I prevent users from uploading old photos?

Yes, you can enforce restrictions on the file types and set it to 'Images (Camera Uploads)' only. This will ensure that the users always upload the latest photos.

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