Build GPS Location Based Attendance App (No Code Required)

Build GPS Location Based Attendance App (No Code Required)

Suhas Bangalore
December 21, 2022
8 Mins

Streamline Employee Attendance with Clappia's GPS-Based Geofenced Attendance System

Are you a business with a presence in multiple locations and are looking to eliminate manual or obsolete attendance processes? Have you observed significant gaps and loopholes in your manual attendance processes? It's time to abandon paper-based or ERP-based attendance management systems and adapt Clappia's no-code platform, which allows you to create a smartphone-based attendance system without writing a single line of code.

For several years, recording attendance has evolved from manual paper-based systems to ERP systems that utilize pricey technologies like RFID scanners, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition cameras, etc. But what if you could eliminate such time-consuming, error-prone, and costly systems by allowing workers to record their attendance straight from their smartphones? You can quickly achieve this using Clappia's no-code platform without breaking the bank.

With Clappia, your workers can mark their attendance directly from their Smartphones. Our app tracks the GPS location and uses geofencing to ensure that your workers can only record their attendance when they are on site.

Here is a video guide to build all kinds of Attendance Tracker Apps including GPS feature

Click here to discover more about our GPS location block and why Clappia is the ideal Google Forms alternative.

Clappia’s Geofenced Attendance System

Clappia’s GPS location-based Geofenced Attendance System comes with the following features:

One App for Multiple Locations

Instead of handling data on different sites, Clappia brings transparency to your business by providing a single app for all your locations worldwide. One intriguing feature of our application is the ability to track your employees' attendance while working in multiple places. Furthermore, transferring a worker to a different location requires no changes to our application.

Clappia employs the connected dropdowns feature to accomplish this task. Using connected dropdowns, the workers can select their city and site name. Since the worker is not required to type any information, the data submitted is always uniform and error-free. 

GPS Location - Attendance App
GPS Location - Attendance App

Detect the GPS Location of the Designated Site

As soon as the workers enter their city and site name, our app automatically determines the GPS location of that site. It is possible because Clappia allows you to use a formula block and write basic to complex logical expressions to make dynamic decisions based on real-time inputs.

GPS Location - Attendance App

Track GPS Location of Workers

You can use our GPS location block to detect the GPS location of the worker automatically. You can also configure this block to ensure that the worker cannot manually change the GPS location.

GPS Location - Attendance App

Show Distance To The Designated Site

Once the site's and worker’s GPS location are determined, the app calculates how far the worker is from the designated area. It is possible since Clappia allows you to write excel based arithmetic equations to make dynamic calculations.


GPS Location - Attendance App

Enable Geofencing

Using Clappia’s geofencing feature, you can now easily list the GPS coordinates of all the designated sites across multiple locations. Your workers will be able to submit the form only when they reach within 200 meters of one of the designated locations as part of geofencing. 

GPS Location - Attendance App

Log Attendance with Date and Time

Once the workers are within 200 meters of the designated location, the app will allow them to enter their names and IDs. Along with the attendance data, our app captures the current date and time. Our date and time blocks allow customization, which disables workers from modifying the date or time.

GPS Location - Attendance App

GPS Location - Attendance App
GPS Location - Attendance App

Camera Upload

Additionally, you can mandate your workers to upload a picture of themselves or the workplace for further authentication. Our camera block has a feature that disables workers from uploading an existing photo from their gallery and mandates them to click a live image and upload.

GPS Location - Attendance App

App Demo

GPS Location - Attendance App
GPS Location - Attendance App

Final Thoughts

It's time to say goodbye to paper-based or ERP-based systems and build accurate, efficient, flexible, and safe apps with Clappia. With Clappia's smartphone-based attendance management system, you can manage the attendance of your workforce efficiently. You can incorporate additional workflows, build a live dashboard, generate reports, send automatic emails, and integrate with other apps (payroll, etc.) to stay on top of your business and easily manage your workforce. 

Besides GPS location and Geofencing, Clappia also offers sophisticated features like QR Code/Barcode scanner, NFC reader, live tracking, camera upload, dynamic calculations, signature upload, pdf upload, etc. With such features, Clappia also becomes the best Google Forms alternative. 

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1. What is GPS-based attendance system?

A GPS-based attendance system is an innovative solution that leverages Global Positioning System technology to track and verify employee attendance. By utilizing the precise location data provided by GPS satellites, this cutting-edge attendance management tool ensures employees clock in and out from designated worksites, reducing instances of time theft and improving workforce efficiency. A GPS-based attendance system is particularly valuable for field-based employees, remote teams, and large facilities, as it streamlines attendance tracking and promotes accountability.

3. How does GPS geolocation work?

GPS geolocation is a technology that relies on a network of satellites to determine a device's exact position on Earth. The Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of 24 satellites orbiting the planet, which transmit radio signals containing information about their location and the current time. When a GPS-enabled device receives signals from at least four of these satellites, it can calculate its latitude, longitude, and altitude using a process called trilateration. This sophisticated technology enables GPS geolocation to provide highly accurate location data, which can be utilized for a wide range of applications, including navigation, tracking, and attendance management.

2. What is the Geo-location attendance app?

A geolocation attendance app is a mobile application that harnesses the power of geolocation technology to facilitate employee attendance tracking. These advanced apps rely on a device's built-in GPS or other location services to determine an employee's precise position, which is then used to confirm attendance at designated work locations. Geolocation attendance apps offer a flexible, efficient, and accurate alternative to traditional timekeeping methods, making them well-suited for remote workers, field staff, and businesses with multiple locations.

Can I create a GPS Locator App for free

Yes, with Clappia, you can create a GPS Locator App for free. Clappia is a no-code platform that allows you to build custom mobile applications without the need for coding. You can design and deploy a GPS Locator App to track locations, integrate maps, and manage GPS-related functionalities without incurring any initial costs. Sign up with Clappia and start building your GPS Locator App for free today.

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