Microsoft Forms Alternative with PDF Reports and Dynamic Printing

Microsoft Forms Alternative with PDF Reports and Dynamic Printing

Does your business demand that you daily gather user information and utilize it to produce documentation? Microsoft forms is one of the most commonly employed tools to collect data from the user. However, with Clappia, a perfect Microsoft form alternative, developing and dynamically printing PDFs is a piece of cake.

With Clappia, you can automatically generate PDFs from user responses, store them in Google Drive, and deliver them to the user via email for approval/notification. Clappia also allows saving all form submission data to Google Sheets, which you can see in real-time, export, or link with other Clappia apps to create complicated solutions to enhance your business.

Microsoft forms provides a primary printing option; however, exporting responses from Microsoft forms to PDF requires a laborious effort. Not only does this process take time, you must also repeat it each time you get a new submission. Furthermore, Microsoft forms disappoints by providing a basic PDF layout with no room for modification. However, using Clappia, you can dynamically turn the data from each form submission into a PDF document and manage the appearance of your PDF document by importing custom templates. You may spice up your PDFs by using images and logos or modifying the design to reflect your brand. Clappia allows you to send the generated PDFs to the specified email addresses.

To create apps using Clappia, you don't need to write a single line of code. Clappia additionally overcomes the limitations of Microsoft forms by including advanced capabilities such as GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, image and signature uploading, and so on. These enhanced features enable organizations to use smartphones instead of desktops and spreadsheets to make business decisions on the fly and optimize how they use their time on manual operations.

How to Generate PDF Reports from Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first step in creating an app with Clappia is to create a free account and personalize your workspace. After setting your workspace, you may use drag-and-drop blocks to develop mobile apps.

Clappia allows you to integrate your app with Google Sheets/Drive and your database. Furthermore, it assists you in adding validation to your app and publishing or cloning it.

Clappia includes the print settings in the app's configuration tab. You can use this option to import your customized template (.doc and not .docx) and configure it to meet your specific needs. You can use this option to dynamically add images, logos, custom fonts, GPS data, QR codes, and other elements to your PDF as the user fills out the form. It is a significant improvement that makes Clappia an excellent Microsoft forms alternative.

Clappia as a Google Forms alternative to setup print template for PDF reports and Dynamic Printing

Watch this video to learn more about PDF generation and dynamic printing with Clappia.

Let us understand the application of PDF generation and dynamic printing using an example:

Case Study: Automatic Offer Letter Generator

Scenario:An organization wants to improve its process by automating how they generate and shares the offer letter with candidates.

Clappia’s no-code platform can solve this problem by allowing the firm to develop and deploy an app in minutes. The app allows the user to upload a custom template on which they want to include the form data and eventually print it and share it with the candidates.

As soon as the candidate information is filled in the form and the form is approved, the app will automatically generate a customized PDF of the offer letter and mail it to the candidate.

In the customized template, the dynamic fields are represented using the variable name mentioned in the app. When the user fills in and submits the form, the dynamic fields get replaced by the user information, and the PDF is automatically updated.

Setting up offer letter print template in Clappia as Google forms alternative with PDF reports and Dynamic printing
Using the Clappia app to generate offer letter when the user creates a submission through print template and app variables in the print template.

What could be better than having a single app that solves all your problems? Clappia enables anyone to create applications with complex functionality and make decisions based on real-time data.

Final Thoughts

If you are tired of manually handling your Google Forms data to generate a PDF or looking for a way to automatically generate PDFs with sophisticated features like images, logos, tables, custom fonts, signatures, etc., Clappia has got your back!

Using Clappia, you can quickly generate a highly personalized and customized PDF from your form data exactly how you like! Moreover, the ability to send automated emails and mobile notifications makes Clappia stand out among the competitors and helps you stay on top of your business.

That's all for now! Meanwhile, read our other blogs to see why Clappia is the best Google Forms alternative.

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Can Microsoft Forms send reminders?

No, Microsoft Forms lacks the capability to send reminders, whereas Clappia's advanced features include sending automated emails and mobile notifications to keep users updated.

Does Microsoft Forms allow signatures?

No, Microsoft Forms lacks a native signature field. For electronic signatures, users often resort to add-on online signing tools. In contrast, Clappia offers a Signature block within the app, simplifying the signature collection process.

How to export Microsoft Forms to PDF?

Exporting Microsoft Forms to PDF requires a laborious effort, but Clappia simplifies this process by effortlessly converting form responses into PDF documents with customizable layouts and dynamic elements.

Can Microsoft Forms send an email?

No, Microsoft Forms does not have the functionality to send emails, but Clappia offers this feature, allowing users to automate email notifications and streamline communication processes effortlessly.

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Microsoft Forms Alternative with PDF Reports and Dynamic Printing