Microsoft Forms Alternative with Signature - Clappia

Microsoft Forms Alternative with Signature - Clappia

The ability to electronically sign a form or document is critical for small and large enterprises that operate online. It is equivalent to concluding a transaction with a firm handshake. Mobile apps with the ability to take signatures allow respondents to authenticate the information provided in the form. For instance, you can sign a contract or acknowledge the receipt of a package. There are various use cases in the market where a signature field added to your forms/applications may be required.

If you've spent hours figuring out how to add an electronic signature to Microsoft forms, we're sorry to say there isn't one. Unfortunately, Microsoft forms lacks a native signature field. The only way to go about it is to use an add-on online signing tool which might add to extra effort on your end. We have a solution if you want to escape the hassle of going through multiple steps to get the electronic signature added to your Microsoft forms. Clappia provides easy-to-create smartphone apps and forms with the capability to collect signatures.

To create apps with Clappia, you don't need to write a single line of code. Moreover, Clappia also addresses various limitations of Microsoft forms by including aspects such as GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, live camera, image and signature uploading, etc. These enhanced features allow businesses to replace computers and excel sheets with smartphones to make business decisions automatically and reach the next level of productivity.

How to Integrate Signature Field into Forms with Clappia?

The first step in developing an app with Clappia is to sign up for a free account and create your custom workspace. Once you create your custom workspace, you can develop mobile apps using drag-and-drop blocks without writing a single line of code.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks offers a range of blocks to input, upload, and process data, along with provisions to add workflows, incorporate analytics, integrate with external APIs, etc.

As a part of the Data Upload Blocks, Clappia offers you the Signature block you can use to collect signatures. Once you add the Signature block to your app, you can configure it to collect respondents' signatures.

Clappia as a Google Forms alternative to setup print template for PDF reports and Dynamic Printing

To add the Signature block to your app, drag it and drop it into the app designer. Use the right-side panel to edit this block as per your requirements. The Signature block comes with the following options:

The app will mandate the user to input the signature to submit the form when this option is enabled.

Allow the Signature to be changed by user
By default, this option is enabled, thus allowing the user to edit the signature manually. When this option is disabled, it will not allow the user to modify their signature.

Let us look at an example of how to use the signature block for authentication purposes.

Use Case: Signing Off the Field Inspection Checklist

Scenario: A field inspection service provider wants to move away from the paper-based inspection process and automate the entire inspection process to make it convenient both for the site supervisor and the field inspector.

The app has an inspection checklist filled by the inspector based on the inspection rules and protocol. The inspector must fill each item in the checklist and capture images during the inspection. As a final step, the app mandates both parties to make their signature directly in the app to sign off the inspection officially. It ensures that the inspection happens systematically and efficiently and all the data submitted is legit and authentic.

Clappia solves this problem by enabling users to create intelligent applications within hours using simple drag-and-drop features. It requires absolutely zero coding skills to build apps in Clappia. The signature block in the app helps collect all the signatures needed to complete a particular task. It ensures that the work is being conducted as expected, along with written acknowledgement from respective stakeholders. This Google form alternative makes adding signatures absolutely simple.

Setting up offer letter print template in Clappia as Google forms alternative with PDF reports and Dynamic printing
Using the Clappia app to generate offer letter when the user creates a submission through print template and app variables in the print template.

Add Electronic Signatures Easily With Clappia

With Clappia, capturing signatures online is effortless and secure. The dedicated signature block ensures users can sign right from the mobile application. There are no signing links or clunky add-on applications required. Just drag and drop the signature block to your form and configure it as per your needs. Creating a form in Clappia with a signature option is easy.

The best part about Clappia is that anyone can create forms and applications. You do not need to write a single line of code to incorporate these features into your app. It cuts down the dependency on the IT team and enables citizen developers to make a more significant impact.

These unique capabilities make Clappia the best alternative for Google Forms.

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What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a survey and form-building tool by Microsoft, allowing users to create surveys, quizzes, and forms to collect data and feedback. Unlike Microsoft Forms, Clappia offers a no-code platform with enhanced features, including a Signature block, GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, and more.

Is Microsoft Forms Good for Surveys?

Yes, Microsoft Forms is suitable for creating surveys. However, for more advanced features and capabilities, users might explore alternatives like Clappia, offering a broader range of functionalities, including signature collection.

Can Microsoft Forms be used for a Sign-up Sheet?

While Microsoft Forms can be used to create basic sign-up sheets, it lacks a native signature field for authentication. Clappia, as an alternative, offers a Signature block to easily collect electronic signatures and enhance the sign-up process.

Does Microsoft Forms allow signatures?

No, Microsoft Forms lacks a native signature field. For electronic signatures, users often resort to add-on online signing tools. In contrast, Clappia offers a Signature block within the app, simplifying the signature collection process.

What is an Alternative to Microsoft Forms?

Clappia is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Forms. It provides a no-code platform with enhanced features such as GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, live camera, image and signature uploading, making it more versatile for various business applications.

Microsoft Forms vs. Google Forms - Which is Better?

Both Microsoft Forms and Google Forms have similar functionalities. However, for a more versatile alternative, users might consider Clappia, which provides additional features like signature collection, GPS location, and other advanced capabilities.

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